The old 4L was flashed at 141 km / h on a small departmental road – Gendarmerie of the Creuse

He had somewhat tampered with the engine… The driver of an old Renault 4L from 1981 was intercepted by the gendarmes on a small departmental road from the Creuse to the town of Clairavaux, at… 141 km / h, instead of 90 km / h authorized (the department
returned to speed on departmental roads at 90 km / h). The manufacturer of the car evokes maximum performance (base) around 120 km / h for this car.

“Feeling growing wings like at the 4L Trophy, the driver at the finish stand will have his driving license withdrawn, and will be fined for transforming his vehicle without authorization” say the gendarmes on their Facebook page. The individual would have actually explained that he wanted to participate in the famous rally in a Renault 4,
according to France Bleu.

The driver is summoned to court next May.



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