Five exercises to beat a sedentary lifestyle in the office

You went over the board eight hours of working hours vs. computerincluding the time of food. You get home, you go up to the fourth floor in lift and after making dinner and other day-to-day chores, you squash yourself in the sofa to fly from sleep to bed. And so day after day. sorry to tell you that you are a sedentary person. Even if you go to Gymgo to work on foot or play with the children in the park.

Being sedentary and being physically active are not mutually exclusive. The sedentary lifestyle it is an epidemic of the 21st century that affects a large part of society and increases the risk of cardiovascular disease due to the simple fact of lack of activity. And although carrying out physical activities is something good and recommended at a health level, the sedentary trend of today’s society often destroys the benefits of these healthy habits.

small gestures

To get out of this loop there is small and simple changes that can be implemented in daily life and that together provide benefits to those who apply them. We are not talking about big changes, but getting off the bus a couple of stops before when you go to and from work, going up and down the stairs or going to the supermarket on foot instead of by car, for example. In the office, we can establish the habit of moving from time to time. In fact, beyond keeping your back straight when sitting down, it is important to vary your posture and not remain seated for more than an hour at a time. A good option to avoid it is to go get water, go to the toilet or talk to a colleague instead of sending an email, but that depends on each one.

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The exercises that we propose have been chosen with the advice of Luis Soto, physiotherapist and vice-treasurer of the Col·legi de Fisioterapeutes de Catalunya. “They are simple gestures that in five minutes allow us to mobilize the body and avoid joint stiffness,” says Soto. “We can set an alarm every 50 minutes that forces us to move & rdquor ;, he adds.

Here are five simple exercises that can be done in the office:

Dissociation between sight and neck

Working on the computer it is common to force the cervicals when we look at the screen. To soften this tension we must gradually lift our eyes from the screen and look far away, as if above the screen. It is also good to keep your eyes fixed on one point and turn your neck to both sides. In the same way, we proceed to carry out the opposite movement. Leaving the cervicals in the same position, we proceed to move the eyes from left to right and vice versa. We can dedicate a whole minute to these movements and vary each other.

Exercises to mobilize the scapulae

Constantly having our hands on the keyboard or mouse causes us to unconsciously adopt awkward postures or inadvertently tense our trapezius. To relieve tension, we move our shoulders in circles. From front to back and from back to front, sticking out the chest and opening the scapulae cyclically.

Cervical exercises

To continue relieving tension in the area, we can mobilize the neck. With the help of the hand, we bring the head to the shoulder. To avoid overloading the neck, it is important that we do not raise the ear towards the neck, but vice versa. We will do this movement to one side and then to the other, a couple of times for a minute.

Lower back exercises

This exercise must be done standing up and we can take advantage of one of the water rides or the like to do it. Thus, while standing, we proceed to move the pelvis forwards and backwards in movements of pelvic anteversion and retroversion. To do it correctly we can slightly bend the knees.

Exercise to mobilize the legs

This is well known and is perhaps the most embarrassing office to do. It’s the squats. By getting up and sitting down about five times we will be able to activate the leg muscles as well as mobilize the feet and ankles.


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