First stay with the Canadian | A “super good thing” for Joshua Roy

Joshua Roy had 12 great days. Not under the palm trees of an all-inclusive, no. Rather in the environment of the Canadian for his first stay in the National League.

Roy looked good when he met The Press, Monday morning, five days after his dismissal to the American League by the Habs. It must be said that the young man has no reason to be disappointed; In recent weeks, he played his first six games with CH, in addition to scoring his first goal and obtaining an assist. But above all, he made a good impression.

“It went really well,” said the shy attacker from the outset. The first two games, I was a little stressed. The more it went, the better it went. I played with two good players too. »

“I think I showed that I was capable of competing in this league and I will continue to work hard to perhaps one day play as a regular. »

The 20-year-old Beauceron’s return to the American League could be brief considering that, as Jean-François Houle said after training, “anything can happen in Montreal with trades.” The Rocket head coach nevertheless assures that he did not speak of “plans” with CH general manager, Kent Hughes.

“All he told me was they were going to fire him and they’re going to go from there. We’ll see what they do after the All-Star break. (They told me) that they liked the way he performed, that they found that he is a player who is capable of playing in traffic, of making plays. »

Houle makes no secret of it: he was “happy” that his attacker got a recall. After all, Roy had scored 12 goals and 18 assists in 34 games with the Rocket before receiving the call with a capital A. It’s difficult to do better as a professional debut.

“It reminded me of HP (Rafaël Harvey-Pinard), who had a recall two or three years ago,” Houle said. It gives him perspective on where he is compared to players in the National League. I think it’s a really good thing for a young player, to come up (in the NHL), to say: OK, I have to work on my skating, etc. »

Roy, who received good comments from Hughes and Martin St-Louis before taking Highway 15 – or the orange metro line – agreed with his coach. He believes that this first experience in the big league helped him “know a little bit about what (he) needs to improve to one day maybe be consistent at the top.” “I think it will give me confidence too,” he noted.

The “tempo”

Exactly, what does Joshua Roy need to improve? The young man talks to us about his speed of execution, particularly in the defensive zone. Jean-François Houle talks to us about “tempo”.

“His tempo needs to increase a little,” maintains the pilot. He can come and refine that in the American League. I think it’s a good thing for him that he’s (back) here. »

“He had a good attitude (coming back) and I think he understands why they rode him; to give him a little piece of the National League,” he adds.

In Montreal, Roy had the opportunity to play alongside two veterans in Sean Monahan and Joel Armia. The first also praised the intelligence of his young teammate to the media. “If he finds his confidence in this league, I believe he will be a special player,” he said.

“(Monahan) really took me under his wing,” Roy said. He showed me a few things. When a guy like Monahan gives you advice, you listen. He really helped me with my process there. He’s an excellent veteran, he showed me the right ways to do things. »

Back in Laval since January 24, Roy has already played two games with the Rocket last weekend. The team lost 4-2 to the Syracuse Crunch and 7-4 to the Rochester Americans. The Beauceron did not score any points, but shot the net four times in each game.

“It was correct,” said Houle. He wasn’t exceptional, but like any player who gets knocked down, sometimes it takes a little time. You realize you just got knocked down, you need to get the chemistry back with the guys you were playing with. I’m sure it won’t be long for points. »

“It’s definitely different, the game is a little slower,” Roy admits. It’s a small period of adaptation, I think it will go well. We have a great gang too, it’s really fun to play here. I have well fun! »

Without getting into personal development, let’s say that pleasure has the potential to attract success.

The individual first


Nicolas Beaudin was not claimed on waivers on Monday and his contract was terminated.

The Canadian announced Sunday that he was placing defender Nicolas Beaudin on waivers with the aim of terminating his contract, a decision that was made “by mutual agreement”. According to the site, Beaudin is not turning his back on the NHL, but will play in Europe, in a destination yet to be specified, in order to attract a little more attention. Asked about this Monday morning, Jean-François Houle indicated that even if the departure of Beaudin “hurts the hierarchy” of defenders within his club, there was no question of putting “spokes in the wheels” “. “For me, it’s important, the individual. (…) If the young person thinks it is better for him to go elsewhere, we will let him go. We are in youth hockey. We are here for their success. If it’s to help him, we’ll help him. That’s why we mutually ended the agreement. » Beaudin, 24, joined the CH in October 2022, acquired in a minor transaction for Cam Hillis. However, he never played with the Canadian.

Barron’s “good attitude”

Justin Barron is also back with the Rocket recently. He has collected one assist in three games so far. According to Jean-François Houle, the defender is a “good example for young players” and has “the right attitude” since his demotion. “I thought Barron was the best in training this morning,” he also suggested. He was really good. He has a good stick, he has won all his battles. »


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