First simultaneous heart and liver transplant in Spain

The Gregorio Marañón Hospital Has made, for the first time in Spain, a simultaneous heart and liver transplant to a patient with congenital heart disease, thanks to the coordination of the National Transplant Organization (HAVE).

The patient, who does not belong to the Community of Madrid, had a failed Fontan surgery, as well as heart and liver failure, so his life was in danger, the Ministry of Health indicates in a statement.

In the operation, which lasted more than 12 hours and involved 30 health professionals, first the heart was transplanted and then the liver, after which the patient went to the ICU from which, in a few days, he was transferred to the hospitalization ward. and you have already been discharged from hospital.

They participated in the health intervention of the congenital heart disease in adults, from the liver transplant unit, the general surgery service and the blood bank, among other units of the Marañón, which has been the National Reference Center (CSUR) in congenital heart disease since 2010.

Organ donation

Given the magnitude of the process, its planning entailed the consensual development of a multidisciplinary protocol to address quick decisions at the logistical, medical, surgical, anesthetic and nursing levels, adds the press release.

The patient had previously undergone Fontan surgery, to “separate the circulation of the body and the lungs” of people born with a single ventricle, a complex procedure that in the long term can affect the liver.

For this reason, when the situation is serious and irreversible, the only viable treatment is combined heart and liver transplantation, but there are few centers in the world with experience in this type of enormously complex surgery.

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All of this would not have been possible without the collaboration and coordination with the Madrid hospital where the organ donation took place, in addition to the genrosity of the donor family.

Is about “yet another milestone in the successful history of organ transplantation in Spain, as well as an advance and hope “for the treatment of adults with terminal congenital heart disease and secondary failure of multiple vital organs.

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