First operation leaving the December bridge without tolls in Catalonia

Friday has not started too well. The day started with an accident on the AP-7 in Tarragona between two trucks that has complicated the highway driving throughout the morning in the direction of Barcelona. On Suburbs, also early in the morning, a rockfall on the Puigcerdà R3 line has left no service the route between Planoles and Ribes de Freser (Cerdanya, Girona). At three in the afternoon start the special traffic device in Catalonia with the anticipation that almost half a million vehicles leave the Barcelona metropolitan area in the first exit operation of the december bridge in which there will be no toll booths on the AP-7, a fast track already collapsed on conventional weekends and which, with five days ahead, is expected to be difficult on the road.

According to him Catalan Traffic Service, the expected outbound mobility is 485,000 vehicles between 3:00 p.m. on Friday 3 and 3:00 p.m. on Saturday 4. Regarding the return, it is estimated that won’t focus on just one day and it will be distributed between the afternoon of Monday 6 and the afternoon of Wednesday 8. The device will be maintained until 00.00 hours on Thursday, December 9.

Access to mountain populations

The forecast is that the main road effects on departure will be on Friday the 3rd in the afternoon and on Saturday the 4th in the morning, at the beginning of the bridge. Saturday morning can be especially complicated on the C-17 and C-25 for the start of the Medieval Market of Vic and the celebration of the Fir Fair of Espinelves.

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The N-145 and the N-260 will also present problems of entry into Andorra, according to those responsible for traffic in Catalonia. Along the bridge, the most conflictive routes will be those that lead to mountain towns and also the ski areas with open stations: C-14, C-16 and C-17.

This is the first bridge of December no tolls in La Roca and in Martorell.

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