First iPhone 13 orders now ‘getting ready to ship’ in Canada

If you pre-ordered for a iPhone 13 or iPhone 13 ProSome early pre-orders have reached the ‘prepare to ship’ stage, indicating that the shipment will be arriving soon.

Apple will typically ship new iPhones and change status updates to “shipped” on Thursday night. Apple might even curveball to set exceptions low on launch day by saying its UPS delivery could be delayed.

At the time of writing, trying to find your UPS tracking number via the referral option (enter your phone number) on the latter’s website still doesn’t work, but the placeholders are there, as you can see. below (thanks @nheagy):

Tracking ups getting ready to ship

Our iPhone 13 Pro Max 256GB in Sierra Blue missed the launch day delivery, because we realized when we saw the reintroduction of Paybright financing 0% APR. That one minute delay resulted in an estimated delivery date of October 8-18 (#firstworldproblems)! Our fingers are crossed Apple will shorten our timeline until at least the end of September.

What is the status of your iPhone 13 or iPhone 13 Pro order? Keep us updated in the comments.

Thanks eddie

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