First dose operation: over 22,000 first doses administered since January 24

Barely 4% of unvaccinated Quebecers have changed their minds since January 24.

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The gradual deconfinement of Quebec has an effect on the vaccination campaign, recognizes Minister Lionel Carmant, whose strategy targeting the unvaccinated has made it possible to administer 22,000 more first doses since January 24.

“It is certain that the relaxations have an impact on the desire of people to go and be vaccinated”, observed the Minister Delegate for Health, during a scrum at the National Assembly.

Since the Prime Minister gave him the mandate to reach all unvaccinated Quebecers, more than 22,000 of them have responded positively by agreeing to receive the vaccine against COVID-19.

When announcing the deployment of his strategy, Minister Carmant estimated that around 540,000 the number of unvaccinated adults to be reached by March 31.

All in all, until now, barely 4% of the people targeted have allowed themselves to be convinced, whether by mobile teams or during the setting up of ephemeral vaccination clinics.

“We didn’t set ourselves a target, I want to remind you. We said to ourselves that each vaccine (administered) would be a victory ”, relativized Dr. Carmant. “Every day, our numbers are increasing,” added the minister, who refuses to give up.


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