First day of an almost normal life

Many had circled the date of March 12 on their calendar, the day of Saturday and the second anniversary of the pandemic, when all measures, except the wearing of the mask, are now lifted.

Present since September 1, the vaccine passport will be shelved, with the exception of international travel. “The context of the pandemic having evolved in a favorable way, we must start preparing to learn to live with the virus. For the moment, we have a margin of maneuver which allows us to consider a return to a more normal life, ”said Minister Christian Dubé when the news was announced.

Quebecers will no longer have to spend a five-day isolation period starting Saturday in the event of contact with a person with COVID-19. They will be able to go to work and go about their business while wearing a mask at all times. Public Health recommends, however, that they avoid, for ten days, visiting vulnerable people and frequenting places where they must remove their mask, such as restaurants and bars.

Also, from Saturday, the limits of reception capacities in shops are over. There will no longer be any capacity limit per table in restaurants, bars, taverns and casinos. Opening hours will no longer be limited, and dance and karaoke activities. Also no more limits for social activities for vaccinated people in rented rooms. Visitor logs in private seniors’ residences will also be removed.

The mask, meanwhile, will remain until at least the end of March. “The current situation allows us to be optimistic,” said Dr. Boileau. “Better days are coming for all of us in Quebec.”

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