The firecrackers are another example of human idiocy. They are sustained for the sole reason that all those absurdities created by humanity have: exclusively by tradition. fireworks addicts don’t think about the consequences which can cause your ridiculous amusement. It matters little to them if we are at risk from fires, if its use ends up with adolescents -and not so adolescents- burned or with amputated hands in the emergency room or if it will drive a sick person or an autistic person to despair. If they are unable to empathize with other human beings, obviously they won’t either when you find out that they have caused birds, dogs to die of stress. The word idiot comes from the Greek and was used in ancient Greece to refer to one who did not deal with public affairsbut only of their own interests. So the firecracker is for me a real idiocy, whichever way you look at it.

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