I suspected that the Catalan fire brigade smelled like a burning horn when I saw on the day of the famous referendum – and in subsequent protests – how they acted as if they were convinced they were being paid for playing the idiot in the polls. . As a result of the ‘processes’, the Catalan firefighters became bullfighters. and they devoted themselves to practicing as such, that is, as fools. They began to believe that they were embodying a kind of seventh cavalry of laxism and there they went on to defend “polls & rdquor; using their same terminology. At what point did firefighters think their job was beyond extinguishing fires” and save kittens from trees? Probably the same day they thought it was a good idea to get naked to make a calendar. not necessary to sink it further.Instead of conforming, they used the ‘processes’ to further soil a once coveted work, and lo and behold, there was no manifestation lacista in Catalonia in which some firefighters did not appear in their fatigue, pretends to protect citizens from the police. To round off the function, there were only dwarves fighting.

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The accusations of irregularities, scams and everything that comes to light are a consequence of that. Anyone who gets too close to the leaders of the ‘processes’ ends up in the box, it’s a virus that spreads more than the omicron. It is natural that people end up doing what they see being done around them with total normalcy, commissions and false invoices are the real Catalan differential fact. In addition, if one has become a firefighter bullfighter, the first thing to fight is honesty, which is useless and has never lifted anyone out of poverty.

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It’s raining on wet, even if it’s wet from a fire hydrant, and not a day goes by that a new case of corruption does not appear in this corner of the peninsula. If something is born corrupt – and the ‘processes’ started corrupt- it all ends up corrupting, that’s the law of life. What is clear is that the Generalitat is not going to lift a finger to clear up this new fraud. Between firefighters, they are not going to step on the snake.


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