Fines for the first state of alarm can now be claimed in Catalonia

The Department of Interior has launched the procedure for the return of sanctions for infractions committed during the first state of alarm (from March 14 to June 21, 2020) in accordance with the ruling of the Constitutional Court. In order to receive the amount of the penalty paid, the interested parties have to provide the Bank data through a form which is already available on the web in this link.

The return of the amounts it won’t be immediate Instead, once the data has been entered, it will be necessary to do the checks and the corresponding processing by the Administration.

Drinking in the street

Most of the sanctions imposed are for driving on public roads without having the receipt that proved that the displacement corresponded to one of the permitted activities, to go out to do sports or to go for a walk out of hours authorized or in a group, when it was not allowed; leaving the father and the mother with a child or the father and the mother with two children (at a time when the outputs were restricted to a child accompanied by a parent) and consume drinks in a group on the public highway.

In total, the facts sanctioned by covid regulations with the right to refund son 24.289.It is advisable to do the process electronically through the web since you only have to fill in the form no need for electronic signature.

Also in person

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Anyway it can also be done in person in the Citizen Service Offices, in the registry of the Department of the Interior and in the Territorial Services. To do it in person, you will have to ask appointment.

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