File | Violent fall by Valérie Grenier | “I saw my life as an athlete pass before my eyes” (2 articles)

From the moment she hit the snow and slid towards the nets, Valérie Grenier saw her “athlete’s life” unfold.

It’s not that she was afraid of losing her skin. Or that she dreaded the pain that much. What she was really afraid of: a long rehabilitation, a process that she knows too well.

The last one caused him to miss an entire season, but the consequences were felt for almost five years. In a way, she had barely come out of it, with proof of her unexpected third place two days earlier in Cortina d’Ampezzo, her first World Cup descent since a serious accident in the winter of 2019.

“The first thought I had was: ‘Oh no, I really don’t want to rehab, really don’t want to be hurt!” I saw my life as an athlete pass before my eyes. It can’t be. Not yet ! »

On the phone, the voice of the 27-year-old skier seems scratched. The words are that of a resigned competitor, already ready to put in the hours in the gym in the hope of getting back on her skis as soon as possible.

Having undergone surgery on one arm last week in Innsbruck, Grenier is back at the family home in Lefebvre, in eastern Ontario, awaiting a second, more delicate surgery to repair her damaged knee.

On January 28, the Mont-Tremblant representative was heading towards an almost certain podium in super-G on the famous Olimpia delle Tofane track, when a wrong maneuver in a turn threw her into the air, causing her to almost spin. complete at nearly 100 km/h. At the time, she had a “weird” feeling in her right knee.


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