Fifty years of volunteering!

My first visit to Sainte-Justine hospital still has an impact on me. I wasn’t sick: I accompanied my mother who used to go there to offer comfort and toys, around Christmas, to sick children.

It wasn’t much, but in those first moments of volunteering, I realized the importance of this activity for the well-being of our community. This year I am celebrating 50 years of volunteering. I am writing this letter to share the taste of it.

The motto of my mother, Renée Dupuis-Angers, has always been: “Life is there to help others. » She understood very early on the importance, for those who can, of giving back to their community part of the luck it had had.

She understood that a community is more than a simple collection of individuals, but a whole held together by the generosity, mutual aid and solidarity of each person.

She understood that our governments will never be sufficient: that collective well-being depends on the involvement of all of us.

Of course, volunteering takes time and energy. It is not possible for everyone in the same way. But between the Foundation of the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Multiple Sclerosis Society, the Mira Foundation and the CHUM Foundation, I have met exemplary people who have been able to give back a little of their time and energy. These people, these mentors, have contributed to making Quebec a society where life is good. The associative fabric of our province is rich: let’s get involved!

Richer lives

I believe that volunteering makes us better people and enriches our lives. In this choice that we make to give back to our community, we affirm that this community exists. We contribute to the health of our fellow citizens, to the beauty of the world through art, to the literacy of our children, or simply to offering everyone the chance to eat before going to school. Above all, we recognize that, for all our individual successes, these have been enabled by our community. Volunteering is also, in part, repaying our debt to our community.

And then there is all the well-being that it brings us: meeting new people, learning about other sectors of the community, enriching our perspectives, knowing that we are helping a cause that is close to our hearts. It may not be our primary occupation, but it is a wonderfully noble and necessary occupation. And which in turn gives our community a source of real pride: let’s think of the Quebec Cancer Foundation, think of the Breakfast Club, think of the concerts that make our cities’ pulse beat!

Volunteer Week was recently celebrated.

When I think of all those who are involved daily in making Quebec a little fairer, a little more beautiful place, I get an immense feeling of pride.

I tell myself that, despite everything that is going wrong in our world, there is beauty and there is hope carried by those who decide to offer their time, their energy and their passion.

The writer Samuel Beckett once said that “to strive for the little things is to achieve the great things in time.” The gifts given to sick children were small things, but they were big for those who received them. By multiplying our small voluntary actions, we end up doing something big and beautiful. So, let’s get involved, let’s give back our time!

These last years of volunteering have given me only one certainty: together, there are few things we cannot accomplish.

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