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After more than 20 years of training and impacting the Ringette community in Canada, a man from Saskatchewan received the highest recognition.

Coach, father, friend, Terry McAdam has devoted many hours to the sport of ringette.

His passion for the game was due to his daughters joining the sport and they needed coaches.

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McAdam decided to help out and from then on he never stopped volunteering or loving the ringette game.

Recently retired, he has trained at all levels, helped develop the Ringette National League (NRL) in Canada, and launched a local team, the Savage saskatoon.

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From volunteering and organizing events to being an active board member at the local, provincial, and national levels, it only made sense that McAdam’s next role would be as Ringette Canada Hall of Fame induced.

“Seeing people from all over Canada participate in it and being in that company is quite humbling,” said McAdam.

The honor came as no surprise to the people of McAdam.

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Selfless, passionate, respected, devoted, and leader are words that are commonly used to describe the beloved coach.

Mel Brockman, who has known McAdam for nearly 20 years on and off the ice, led the induction.

“Terry has deserved this for a long time,” said Brockman. “Everything he has put into this sport has inspired me and many others to give back in the way that he has.”

McAdam is just one of five people who entered Saskatchewan.

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He joins the short list after one of his friends and coaches, Dwayne Andreen.

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The new member said that his favorite part of ringette over the years has been meeting so many amazing people.

“When you associate with people who are dedicated to any endeavor, if people give you energy, then I think you are in the right place and I definitely understood that,” said McAdam.

Although he is no longer a coach, McAdam continues to watch his daughters play ringette and cheer on them from the bench.

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