FIFA sanctions the Mexican Soccer Federation with two games without an audience for homophobic shouting

The FIFA inflicted fines and closed-door matches on fifty federations, including Argentina, Mexico, Chile and Peru, due to incidents in qualifying matches at World-2022, according to a list published Monday.

Argentina was fined 30,000 Swiss francs ($ 32,700) and a meeting with “limited” capacity, not encrypted at the moment, due to “discriminatory behavior” by fans when the Albiceleste received Uruguay.

For its part, Mexico will have to pay 100,000 Swiss francs of fine (109,000 dollars) and will be deprived of the public for two games, as it is also sanctioned for “discriminatory behavior” by fans in the visits of Canada and Honduras in October.

Chile was also sanctioned, with 45,000 Swiss francs ($ 49,000) and a match with “limited” capacity for “discriminatory behavior” of its fans during the visit of Brazil, throwing objects and a banner “with an inappropriate message at a sporting event, with a political message.”

Chile was also fined 50,000 Swiss francs ($ 54,500) and a “limited” capacity match for “discriminatory behavior” by its fans during the visit of Paraguay and throwing objects.

The Savior was fined 30,000 Swiss francs ($ 32,700) and limited capacity in a match for discriminatory fan behavior and invasion of the field in the match against USA, and 3,000 and 12,000 Swiss francs (3,270 and 13,100 dollars) for throwing objects against Honduras and Mexico respectively.

For its part, Honduras was punished with 60,000 and 30,000 Swiss francs (65,500 and 32,700 dollars) and two games with a limited number of spectators for discriminatory behavior by their fans and throwing objects in the match against the United States and for the first reason against Jamaica.

Panama was fined 50,000 Swiss francs ($ 54,500) and a match without spectators for discriminatory behavior by its fans in duels against Costa Rica and Mexico and 20,000 Swiss francs ($ 21,800) for a field invasion off the United States.

For its part, Peru was fined 20,000 Swiss francs ($ 21,800) and a limited-capacity game for discriminatory behavior by its fans in the match against Chile and 5,000 Swiss francs ($ 5,450) for inappropriate team conduct (five yellow cards) against Brazil.

Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Uruguay and Venezuela received economic sanctions between 2,500 and 10,000 Swiss francs (between 2,730 and 10,900 dollars).

Already announced at the end of September, Hungary was sanctioned for racist insults by its fans and other infractions (use of smoke and blocking of stairs), with two games behind closed doors – the second only if it re-offends in the next two years -, one game abroad without fans, and a total of 281,000 Swiss francs in fine ($ 306,600).

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