Ficrea case will debut judge and trustee for 2022

For next year, the case IFRC A new stage will begin as a new judge has taken the reins of the commercial bankruptcy of this company, in addition to that a trustee has also been appointed who will seek to maximize the assets that still remain of this company in favor of the 4,900 creditors, many of them affected by the fraud revealed in November 2014.

Seven years after the fraud of said company was uncovered, allegedly committed by its main shareholder, Rafael Olvera Amezcua, and which the authorities indicated amounted to an amount equivalent to 2,700 million pesos, those affected seek that the Unit of Financial intelligence (UIF), by Pablo Gómez, thoroughly investigate its origin.

In this context, Virginia Gutiérrez Cisneros was recently appointed as the ruling judge of the commercial bankruptcy of this company, instead of Guillermo Campos Osorio, who had to leave said responsibility due to a natural rotation that occurs within the courts.

According to the appointment record, in the possession of this medium, signed by Adela Altamirano Guzmán, secretary attached to the Fourteenth District Court for Civil Matters in Mexico City, his appointment became effective as of November 16 of this year. .

Likewise, also a few weeks ago, Miguel Escamilla Villa was appointed as the new trustee of the commercial bankruptcy of this company, replacing Javier Navarro Velasco, who decided to resign from the position to be part of the cabinet of the governor of Nuevo León, Samuel García.

According to documents reviewed by this means, Escamilla Villa acted in different procedures as legal representative of this entity, within the commercial bankruptcy process.


Ficrea’s commercial bankruptcy began at the end of 2015, a year after the alleged fraud became known, and which to date has monetized 1,400 million pesos in favor of 4,900 creditors, that is, just 20 cents for each peso they lost the affected.

Although at the beginning of the situation, the fraud affected 6,800 people, about 1,900 were able to recover all of their savings by paying the deposit insurance in sofipos equivalent to 25,000 UDIS, which in 2015 was equivalent to about 130,000 pesos.

Since the beginning of commercial bankruptcyThose affected have shown opacity in the process, especially because, they allege, the recovery of the entity’s loan portfolio has not been made transparent, part of which is in a trust under the responsibility of Nacional Financiera. In total, along with the missing amount, it is estimated that Ficrea’s assets reached 7.1 billion pesos.

Likewise, for those affected, there has not been justice in the case either because the alleged main person responsible for the fraud, Rafael Olvera Amezcua, has not yet responded to Mexican authorities for his actions.

Olvera Amezcua is currently detained in an immigration center in San Antonio, Texas, due to irregularities in his legal status in the United States. Those affected have requested that the Mexican authorities, especially the General Prosecutor of the Republic (FGR), request the extradition of the accused to respond in national territory on the accusations that were charged from the beginning.

From the United States, Olvera Amezcua has tried to free each of the accusations that concern him, both in Mexico and in that country, even in July 2019, before facing a trial in Florida, he had to reach an agreement with the receivership to assign some assets in exchange for a lawsuit against you.

In exchange for not continuing with the process, Olvera Amezcua agreed to assign the agreement consisted of assigning 82 properties in the United States, 42 in Madrid, Spain, 35 cars of different brands and models and 1.3 million dollars housed in a bank account.

In this context, the receivership has had problems to recover these transferred assets, which, many of them are under the protection of the FGRTherefore, it has not been possible to monetize said assets in favor of the bankruptcy mass.

FIU intervention

On August 11, when asked by a reporter, the president Andrés Manuel López Obrador instructed the UIFIt was then in charge of Santiago Nieto Castillo to investigate the Ficrea case, which raised the spirits of some affected savers, who expressed their gratitude at the instructions of the president.

However, the months passed and there was no news from said instance, even in a request for information by this medium to the FIU’s social communication area, it was indicated that at the moment it was an ongoing investigation and not no details could be revealed.

But Santiago Nieto was removed from his position and with it came the disappointment for many savers who had a hope that the authorities, beyond the National Banking and Securities Commission and the FGR, would act in this case.

This Wednesday, December 22, those affected will offer a press conference in order to ask the authorities, especially the FIU, to intervene in the case, after a recent statement by AMLO in the sense of not leaving it forgotten and seek justice.


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