Fiber buscan formalize living rent in Mexico; iran by recourse to BIVA

In addition to the demographic conditions of the country, the need for housing mobility and, in particular, the area of ​​opportunity to transmit to the formalities, the investment commissions for good travel (Fibers) han volteado a ver a la living in rent and it is hoped that in the first part of this 2022 busquen will capture resources from the value market to potentialize the formal offer of industrial dicha.

Tanto Fibra House como Fibra Multifamily prepares his debut at the Bolsa Institucional de Valores (BIVA) with the end of delivering a total amount of around 5,000 million pounds and being able to edit residential complexes destined for the living in rent, lo cual ayudaría a la formality de dicho mercado.

In Mexico, there is a need of 8.2 million required livelihoods; without embarrassment, nothing can be built and bought, it is estimated that at least 7% of digits are required rent, according to estimates from the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI). Asimismo, it is predicted that by 2030, about 10 units rented, will be concentrated in 29.4% of the population between 25 and 39 years.

“In the world, the most resilient assets during the pandemic are the industrial and residential livelihoods in rent. and consumers dispose of this living product at institutional rent ”, details Eduardo González, Director General of Fibra House, which already had an initial levy of 2,500 million pesos.

Currently 16 Fibers listed on the value market; without embarrassment, its main activity is centered in the leasing of offices, shopping centers, industrial hubs, hotels and educational plants, as long as there is no vehicle of this type for rent for rent.

For Daniel Braatz, Chairman of the Technical Committee of Fibra Haus, a trustee of this type dedicated to the living in rent has been sent for his vision a long time and, moreover, has made the transaction more transparent, he can obtain a value, within the formal debt, estimated at 340,000 million pounds.

“If Fibra allows us to be more transparent and have a corporate governor in the process of having an internalized structure, other vehicles and these facilities will definitely make the Fibra attractive,” Braatz said.

According to Fibra Haus’s estimates, capital adequacy is expected to finance its initial portfolio, based on land, located in Mexico City and Queretaro, with a total of between 1,500 and 1,600 units, with a value of rent that oscillates between 12,000 and 25,000 monthly pesos per unit. In the middle of nowhere, the Fiber has created an inorganic form to increase its prices and hold a portfolio of at least 8,000 units over its first 10 years.

Adaptability, the key

For Jorge Martínez Chávez, director at Fibra Multifamily, the key to formalizing the market for living and rent is in the adaptability of the product. “In Mexico, there are 5 million rented livelihoods, of which 49% are informal, there are people who have a house, the rent is higher, but there are no higher rates for rent… Identify that 60% of the people who rent their rooms, the couple in the sun, who do not need three rooms, do not need as much space as the departments that are in the market ”.

In agreement with the Fibra Directive, another key factor for the success of this model is the presentation of projects, access to services, transport media, among other aspects.

Fibra Multifamily is looking to raise around 2,300 million euros to finance the development of five projects, located in Jalisco, Tijuana, Queretaro y Nuevo León, of about 1,000 units in total, the numbers will be increased from 16,000 to more per unit.

Hoy Mexico is a country that has a large base in the population that is very young, who may need to rent, or need a home… Our idea is to develop these assets (to live in rent) and generate the flu for the inversionists. It’s our creams that we’re mayor, but the options that we have in the market, ”Martínez Chávez said.

The directive of Fibra Multifamily Mexico also has the potential to transmit models such as the United States, Chile or Europe, where the majority of living income in rent is formal and is invested in capital of various institutional vehicles, such as pension funds.

Agreed with estimates of Fibra House, the living rent market in Mexico is compliant with 35 specialized properties, with a total of 4,600 existing units, some of which are owned by local and international investors.

  • 2,500 million pounds prevé levantar Fibra Haus in its initial public offer.
  • 2,300 million pounds first get Fibra Multifamily in its first delivery.
  • 8.2 million living are the ones required in the country and 7% is for rent.

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