The agency is highlighting some tips to prevent theft this summer.

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Police in Metro Vancouver have been noticing that fewer burglaries are taking place inside homes, but there’s been an uptick in thefts outside the home, according to Crime Stoppers.

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“Police tell us using garage door openers is the big one,” said Linda Annis, executive director of Metro Vancouver Crime Stoppers, in a statement Thursday.

Annis said affordable home security alarms and video equipment are likely to deterring burglars from attempting to get in the house, but they are on the look out for unlocked cars with garage openers.

“What people are still forgetting are simple things like leaving your car unlocked in the driveway, which allows burglars to grab your garage door opener,” said Annis.

“No need to smash windows or jimmy door locks on your home if they can just roll up your garage door.”

Here are 10 tips to prevent crime this summer:

  1. Don’t leave ladders in your yard—an experienced crook will use it to climb up to an upper floor window.
  2. Remove everything from inside your car – from valuables and garage door openers, to empty bottles and spare change.
  3. Roll up car windows tight and lock all the doors.
  4. Make sure all garage doors are closed and locked, including the door inside that leads from the garage into your home.
  5. Lock up ladders, bikes and even garden equipment.
  6. Close and lock all doors and windows on your home, even if it’s hot out.
  7. Set the alarm and check your video security equipment – ​​can you see your front door activity on your phone app?
  8. Leave the porch light on overnight, so your front door isn’t hidden in darkness.
  9. Make sure boxes from online deliveries are quickly picked up from your front step.
  10. Ask a neighbor to pick up newspapers and flyers from your door while you’re away – a pile of papers on the doorstep says “no one’s home”.

Source: Crime Stoppers.

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