Feud: Capote vs. The Swans | Spill the tea and the contents of the teapot

There is a book to be written on the squabbles that have torn apart Quebec showbiz since the opening of Le Faisan Dorée and Casa Loma.

Which hosts violently hate each other, which actors refuse to play together, which star prevents their comrades from getting paid contracts, who gossips behind whose back constantly?

A lot of gossip is circulating that wouldn’t be published in a newspaper or even on a website like Monde de Stars. Who practices Scientology in our artistic colony, who cheats on their spouse with their colleague for many moons and who carries a completely justified reputation as a diva?

This book would sell like little ponchos, no doubt. But who would dare to lay it? This is the thorny question. Because revealing so many secrets means a) exposing yourself to colossal legal proceedings, b) being ostracized by the chic fauna of the Théâtre du Nouveau Monde and c) living like an outcast for the rest of your life.

Over the years, romans à clef like The fall of Babylonby Guillaume Sylvestre, or The ball of egos, by Carmel Dumas, revealed some juicy information about well-known Quebec personalities, but nothing that comes close to an act of self-sabotage – or social suicide? – posed by the writer Truman Capote, in November 1975.

Confidant of all the influential ladies of New York high society, the American novelist revealed all the secrets of his rich best friends in a devastating text printed in the magazine Esquire and entitled “La Côte Basque, 1965”, named after the French restaurant in Manhattan where Truman Capote and his stylish girlfriends lunched.

The impact of this literary missile, a sort of Gossip Girl refined, is the subject of the delicious miniseries Feud: Capote vs. The Swansthe first two episodes of which land this Wednesday on the Disney+ platform.

reference: www.lapresse.ca

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