Ferri (screenwriter): “Asterix is ​​not going to be a spokesperson for feminism, or for any movement”

Jean-Yves Ferri, scriptwriter of the new comic ‘Asterix in the footsteps of the griffin’ (Salvat), drawn by Didier Conrad and set in the cold eastern Europe, has assured that the Gallic hero “is not going to be the spokesperson for any movement, be it feminist or whatever “, defending that” humor is above political analysis. ” “It is necessary to laugh and I believe that humor is a very precious asset that is now retreating,” lamented the scriptwriter in an interview with Europa Press during his time in Spain to present the new album, the 39th in the history of the irreducible Gauls .

Along the same lines, when asked about the criticism received by some Asterix numbers for “discriminatory”, specifically the issue of ‘Asterix in America’, Ferri has defended the work of the creators of this character, René Goscinny and Albert Uderzo. “I cannot speak for the old albums because I did not write them, but it was the way of being of the time, they did not seek to offend because they were almost conventional works. Yes it is true that today they would be done differently, but I think the solution to all this is to laugh at everything, including oneself “, he pointed out. “Can we still be funny with some topics? I ask. And I think the answer is to try to achieve a balance, leaving aside the obvious things and betting on an intelligent humor. Ideally, never attack and laugh at everything, including Gauls. Laughing at oneself is the solution, “he defended.

Ferri does not believe that in the future the main protagonist of Asterix will be female, but he does point out: “I think it would be nice to know how a cartoonist sees Asterix. But you need an editor,” he said. In this new album, Ferri and Didier Conrad (the cartoonist) have introduced several current touches, starting with the star appearance of a character similar to the French writer Michel Houllebecq. “We have sent him the signed album and it has been received, but at the moment there is no response,” he commented.

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In ‘Asterix in the footsteps of the tap’, Ferri has recognized that one of his objectives has been to get his protagonist out of “the comfort zone” – for the first time, Asterix does not drink a single magic potion once. In addition, it has also been the first time that they have not had support from any of the original creators of the stories – Uderzo passed away in 2020 and Goscinny, in 1977-. “But our way of working has not changed. Uderzo was always from a distance and when we finished, he came to see each launch and little else,” he stressed. On the influence of the pandemic in this number, he has indicated that he could have “made a whole album about it”, but he did not want to. “I did not feel like it, I see it too close,” he added.

Ferri, who does not want to “give clues” to the next issue of Asterix being prepared, has also referred to the unpublished script recently found by Goscinny’s daughter under the title ‘Asterix in the circus’. “I have not read it and first we will have to see when it is and if it is a very early work. But my job is to go in the direction I want and this would change the paradigm a bit,” he concluded.


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