Ferran Torres. Expensive or cheap? It depends

The signing with a certain suspense of Ferran Torres For Barça, it seems like a great deal for Manchester City from the outset. In less than a year and a half he has entered more than double what he paid Valencia for the player and, in view of the scoring festival on ‘Boxing Day’, he can dispense with his auctioneer contribution without feeling disarmed precisely. It is possible to imagine that this money, the 55 million plus 10, will be conveniently reinvested to sign the world-class ‘9’ that increases even more the performance of the machine. Pep Guardiola.

Torres, for 55 million + 10, it cannot be considered a cheap transfer. On the contrary. In the negotiations, City has won. From this insignificant column the victorious arms of Ferran Soriano Y Little Begiristain about Mateo Alemany Y Ferran Reverter for the way the European market is, crazy about zero cost. But it was very difficult for the result to be otherwise. The buyer’s desires were higher than those of the seller, and that always conditions the bid.

An urgent need

That said, it would be rash to dismiss the operation as a waste or a similar term. Accustomed as we were lately in this club to hiring of impatient and capricious tycoons, exceeding 100 million, the price has not startled anyone.

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The Valencian is only 21 years old and there are many seasons left to evaluate his performance. Who knows if in a couple of years it will seem like an excellent investment, almost a bargain? He offers a profile of a useful forward, important without being a superstar, benefited from the teachings of Guardiola, and covers a peremptory need in attack.

We can trust that the club has designed a way to lighten the salary mass to register it in LaLiga, and it is worth wondering if these 55 + 10 move Barça away from the fight for the footballers called to mark an era, type Haaland, if the credit of Goldman Sachs is enough for such sumptuousness. We will see it. This winter market has not even started and promises to entertain like a ‘Boxing Day’.


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