Fernando Simón affirms that the pandemic “is not over”: “Autumn will be key”

The situation of the pandemic covid is now “a priori favourable”, “we are making progress”, but “it is not over” and autumn “will be a key moment”, also to see if other decisions have to be made, such as a new dose of the vaccinewhich at the moment “maybe not necessary”according to the director of the health alert center of the Ministry of Health, Ferdinand Simon.

Simón, who has participated this Monday in Valladolid in a conference on “One Health, health in all policies”, has maintained in statements to the media that there are still “many risks involved that we have to see how they evolve”, and there autumn will be a key moment to see what happens with “immunity, new variants, or transmission.

“Although it is true that the situation at the moment, a priori, is favourable, with a very well vaccinated population, which greatly conditions the evolution of the pandemic in terms of severity, lethality and transmission”, and although there are very few non-pharmacological measures those contagions “they are gradually controlling themselves”has reflected.

“The situation is very favorable. but it’s not over, we still have to be very careful,” insisted Simón, for whom the “fundamental cause that we’re starting to get better is vaccination.”

Along these lines, he has said that he does not know if they will be necessary new booster doses although the data in Spain indicate that there is a stability in the immunity that has generated the complete regimen plus the booster dose, and it will be the experts who decide if new doses are needed or not, and when would be the moment.

“Until now, the data we handle in Spain would indicate that although it is not disposable perhaps it is not necessary, at least for the moment”, that new dose of memory, although it will have to wait, Simón has raised, to see what happens in the coming months and “in the autumn, which may be the moment in which it is necessary to take decisions and that as a group we must try to assume for the good of all”.

As for whether we have to learn to live with pandemics, it has stressed that the new generations must understand the disease transmission differently, as the risks move much faster.

“What is the point of talking about whether or not there are pandemics when a local risk in a space of a few hours it is on the other side of the world”, the expert has wondered.

And in that sense, he has stressed that right now “the pandemic risk exists almost constantly but we have much more means detect and control; sometimes they are controlled on time and others a little late and it generates very big problems, but the truth is that we have better tools every time and little by little we are preparing ourselves”.

Simón has hoped that this is the last pandemic, but if not, he hopes that much has been learned from it to prepare for the impact of the “following risks be as small as possible”.

He has already defended this progress in health in all policies so that “the world that does not expel us Humans, that we have been here for a few tenths of a second, we are practically nothing to the world”.

The “goal is not to make the world one way or another, but to get the world to let us be there a little more”.

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And some things have already been discovered “they make the world want to expel us”, such as an inappropriate use of fossil fuels, an enormous volume of consumption, with an inappropriate consumption model “for our interests as a human being”.

We have to change not for the planet, but also insofar as it affects us as human beings “and either we understand it that way, or we won’t be able to be in the world a little more”, he concluded.

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