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On Friday he had not finished happy despite the good feelings that the Alpine in your running pace and in your one lap pace. Top speed was still low, but Fernando Alonso I knew what level to have been in Q3 had to spare. For this reason, those errors when setting the times and choosing the opportune moments to press left him more than upset when he saw how George Russell he was tenth at the moment of truth and left eleventh in the fight for the composition of the grid in the sprint race.

Fernando Alonso fit the blow and placed all his followers at the first meters of the historic test of Silverstone, the first of its kind in the Formula 1 and that, given what we’ve seen, it won’t be the last, especially if it has the Asturian as a regular entertainer.

As traveling companions, completely pristine soft tires, without a single meter and that were going to give him the necessary lift-off in the first few meters to pass everyone over. There was a lot of conservatism on the grid, as most of the drivers opted for the media to avoid being left halfway. As Fernando is a world champion and is only worth life or death, he went out for all since the traffic light went out.

Already in the first meters he took off Sebastian Vettel, the first of the pilots in front of him on his way to a success that surely not even he would have dreamed so perfect. The German rider, four-time champion of this sport, did not even see the Asturian’s Alpine pass in an outing that has already become one of the best of his sporting career, and that’s saying a lot.

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With the first prey in his pocket, Alonso launched himself for a very special one that, in addition, could not even fight him. It was about a Carlos Sainz He started ninth and was overtaken by the Oviedo lightning on the outside of Turn 1, a very fast turn that did not suit the Italian car at all.

As if by divine inspiration, without releasing the accelerator at any time, he paired with George Russell, the emerging talent of Formula 1 who is opting for a seat in Mercedes, to show you who is still the king of this sport. Even hitting the off-road with one of his tires, Fernando squeezed the Alpine and placed eighth with three overtakes in the blink of an eye.

However, the best was yet to come. It was in the chain of turns 2 and 3. Fernando pushed the braking of the first turn beyond the limits of humanity to do it on the outside and eat a Ricciardo that he could not for the exhibition of the Spanish. Starting with a devilish traction and leaving the third corner behind, Alonso also surpassed ‘Czech’ Pérez that not even with a Red Bull was able to cope with the Spanish cyclone in its A521.

The final touch

And finally, there was the last wonder, the icing on his cake, the final brushstroke of his work. It was the advancement to the revelation of the season, Lando Norris, that since his McLaren Papaya color saw how the blue of the French car overtook him, catching his aspiration on the counter-straight and then ending up receiving another exterior brand of the house in what has been the great class demonstration of Fernando Alonso at the weekend.

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Without a doubt, Fernando Alonso returned to Formula 1 to try to fight for a world championship, something that he will try to achieve in 2022 and 2023. Meanwhile, he has fun playing this way and lifting the spectators from their seats with maneuvers of this type full of risk and beauty in equal parts.

After placing fifth, only behind Verstappen, Hamilton, bottas Y Leclerc, the Spanish had to suffer to try to hold the position against much superior cars. He could not with the McLaren, who ended up winning the position, but he did with others such as Vettel and Russell in addition to being able to survive the problems that Pérez or Carlos Sainz had. A seventh place that is not worth points, but a good starting position for Sunday and the pleasure of having felt the king of this sport. It was one more return of ‘Magic’ Alonso.

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