Fencing Grand Prix and World Cup | Last sprint before the end of Olympic qualifications

(Montreal) The calendar of international fencing competitions is slowly ending with a view to the Olympic qualifications for the Paris Games. The foilist Maximilien Van Haaster also took advantage of the last weekend to rank 37e of the individual table of the Grand Prix of Turin, in Italy.

With a record of six victories in his group round on Friday, the 31-year-old Quebecer managed to make his way directly to the preliminary table of 64 where he lost 12-15 against independent athlete Vladislav Mylnikov.

“My match started very well. It was very tight at the beginning. The score was 8-8 and from then on I had a loss of concentration where he put in a few touches in a row. I managed to come back, but a little too late,” mentioned the Montrealer from the outset, in an interview with Sportcom.

“He closed the distance very well and he was bigger than I imagined,” he added, referring to this athlete whom he was facing for the very first time.

The Chinese Ka Long Cheung received gold, followed by the Turkish Alexander Choupenitch and the French Enzo Lefort on the podium.

Van Haaster’s next meeting in the Olympic qualification process will be against Egypt in Cairo. This will be the last opportunity for the Canadian men’s foil team to secure their ticket to the Paris Olympic Games.

“It’s definitely a competition that is very, very, very important not only for me, but also for the team,” said Van Haaster, visibly excited.

“We will certainly have to do well at the last Team World Cup. It depends on us and our result, but also the result of our closest rival which is Brazil,” he continued.

Note that to access the Paris Olympics, the various Canadian fencing teams will have to finish among the top 4 in the world ranking of the International Fencing Federation as of 1er April 2024, or be the highest ranked team in the Americas among non-qualified teams.

A team ticket for the French capital also guarantees three places on the individual table for each weapon.

Alexanne Verret obtains the best Canadian result in Barcelona

Still in Europe, but this time near Barcelona, ​​Spain, several fencers were in action during the Epee World Cup.

Alexanne Verret also managed to make her way to the preliminary table of 64 where she lost by a score of 11-15 on Saturday against the fifth seed of the tournament, the Chinese Yiwen Sun.

Malinka Hoppe Montanaro (271e), Anne-Sophie Joyal (273e) and Marie-Frédérique Millette (185e) were also in action at this tournament.

Sunday, Millette, Verret, Ruien Xiao and Julia Yin took the 11e rank of the team event.

Near Tbilisi, Georgia, the men’s saber World Cup took place. Olivier Desrosiers obtained the best Quebec result with a 65e place. His teammates François Cauchon (99e), Farès Arfa (111e) and Marc Gélinas (172e) were also there.

Then, on Sunday, during the team event, the Canadian team made up of Arfa, Cauchon, Desrosiers and Shaul Gordon finished in seventh place.

Finally, Paméla Brind’Amour was in action on Saturday at the Women’s Saber World Cup in Lima, Peru, where she finished at 86e rank with four victories in eight outings.

reference: www.lapresse.ca

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