Female rugby streaker has no regrets

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The rugby fan who ran across the field in her bra during an Australian league game — and was tackled for her efforts — has apparently been dumped by her boyfriend via text.

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The New York Postreports that Javon Johnson’s spirited streaking in her bra and jeans has perhaps won her a breakup.

Johnson won enormous attention on social media and TikTok when she ran the field during the Parramatta Eels’ win over the Gold Coast Titans on Saturday.

And she showed the same naked courage by posting her now ex-boyfriend’s text, which read, “You’re an idiot and a disgrace. Thank you for an absolute embarrassment. Don’t try to contact me.”

Before she posted her undies’ dash on TikTok, Johnson posted a picture of herself in the stands — saying that one of her big bucket-list goals, “has been to actually just run on the football field and I’m doing this, ready ? I’m going to.”

And she did! Johnson hopped the fence and made her run across the field right after the Eels scored and took the lead, 24-16.

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Then she was tackled by security.

Bringing her down looked far more forceful than necessary to many who posted on social media.

Gold Coast Chairman Dennis Watt said it could have been handled better and noted the collective gasp from spectators as Johnson was tackled by security.

Being the stand-up woman she obviously is, Johnson has since brushed off the idea that her encounter with security was too harsh.

Describing her experience as surreal and “out of body,” she cheerfully told Seven News in Australia that the guard was just doing his job.

A rugby player herself, Johnson said, “I think it’s fair play.”

The Titans said in a statement that they are investigating the incident.

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