Feijóo will honor Aznar at his coronation congress

  • The popular want to return to the essence of 1990, of the refoundation of the PP, to recover space before Vox and overcome the earthquake due to the precipitous fall of Casado

The congress that will crown Alberto Núñez Feijoo this Friday and Saturday in Seville he will pay a special tribute to José María Aznar and his role in the refoundation of the PP, in 1990. The conservatives consider that, in order to overcome the shock caused by the fall of Pablo Casado and the loss of votes by Vox, they must go back 32 years in its history and return to those essences, which they summarize in two ideas: to defend freedom and to be a central formation in which no one is left over and that “is renewed by addition”. “The PP does not expel anyone and has everyone, it aspires to be a cross match in territorial, social and generational representation. A party that aspires to make everyone feel represented. To be a big party you have to have many people and you have to accept that you will be a plural party”, he stated Esteban Gonzalez Ponspresident of the organizing committee of the congress.

The president of the Xunta de Galicia has accommodated the request of his barons, who demand that he close wounds and work for “unity”, and will be elected as the new leader of the Conservatives in a conclave in which all the presidents of the autonomous PP and the chief executives of the communities will take the floor. In the case of Madrid, only Isabel Díaz Ayuso, the president of the Community, will speak, and Pío García Escudero, the interim president of the formation, will not do so, a position that she longs for and that has been the origin of the earthquake that has ended with the fall of Casado. A gesture of recognition to Ayuso, who hopes that in the coming weeks, in a national board of directors (the highest body between congresses), Feijóo will set a date for the internal congress of the PP in Madrid and she can finally take the reins of the formation .

After three acts with all these regional leaders throughout Friday morning and early afternoon, it will be the turn, at 5:30 p.m., for the act to pay tribute to Aznar. The former president will have 30 minutes to make his speech, the same time they will have Mariano Rajoy and Pablo Casado. The latter will deliver his last speech there as the top leader of the Conservatives and will be diluted, between the tribute to his political godfather and Rajoy’s intervention. “We are going to have a photo of Aznar and Rajoy with Feijóo. A photo of the two presidents of the Government that the PP has had endorsing Feijóo. Another also from the outgoing president and Feijóo. And all of this will represent unity and plurality,” said González Pons at a press conference at the Genoa headquarters.

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“When you take the wrong path, you have to go back to the beginning. We return to the refoundation of 1990, to collect the principles and values ​​that made us the majority force of the Spanish center-right that we were and want to be again”, point out committee sources organizer.

Leaders of the European PP

What international guests, the president of the European Parliament, Roberta metola; the president of the European parliamentary group, Manfred Weber; and the vice-president of the European Commission, Margaritis Schinas. The committee has not invited any representative of Spanish parties. will only come John Marin, Citizens, because he is vice president of the Junta de Andalucía, the host community of the meeting.

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