Feijóo, once again in the spotlight, by Irene Bascoy

The barons of the PP took cover when on Thursday it exploded the civil war between Married and Ayuso. Only one showed his face, with the exception of the Murcian president, who came out in defense more of Teodoro García Egea than of Pablo Casado. Was Alberto Nunez Feijoo. And yesterday she repeated again. He appeared before the microphones to demand a solution from Pablo Casado, more than Isabel Díaz Ayuso, since the president of the PP is Casado, and he, according to the Galician leader, has the responsibility of settling the serious crisis. And the most important thing: he warned that, if not, the party is doomed to a extraordinary congress. Ayuso-Married or with a third contender in the running?

The Galician leader, with the authority conferred on him its four absolute majorities, who have no equal in his party or on the state scene, demanded that Casado and Ayuso put an end to “a major internal conflict & rdquor; , “looking for the best for the PP & rdquor ;. The problem is that the interests of Casado and Ayuso do not coincide at this time with the interests of the Popular Party. The future is at stake, including the political survival of both, and they have decided, at this point, to play it all or nothing, because a retreat of either of the two would show weakness, fragility…. It would mean a delayed defeat, postponing the moment of death.

So feijoo may be crying in the desertAnd if the authority conferred on him by the media and by many in the PP is not enough to make himself heard, what will the Galician president do? Voices are already emerging in Madrid that he can be again, again? the consensus solution to end this fratricidal war. But if Feijóo has already declined to lead the PP because, as authorized voices maintain, he did not see his victory clearly either in congress or in the citizen polls, will he leave now that he looks worse? He argued at the time that he had a commitment to the Galicians and did not want to break his word with his people. That commitment was renewed shortly after until 2024.

And if he stays here, will he take a side or will he be the doller of a third way that returns peace to the PP? Feijóo has collided, yes, more internally than publicly, with Casado and Ayuso. They belong to different generations and their styles are divergent. To the Galician politician he does not like flirting with VOX, nor does he like the swings of Genoaand his management in the pandemic was diametrically opposed to that of Ayuso, who, in addition, with his irruption on the state scene overshadowed Feijóo, who, incidentally, ceased to be a threat to Casado.

They say in the PP that one of the reasons why the president of the Xunta did not make the leap to Madrid in 2018, a dream that he cherished for a long time and that he worked hard too, is that he feared the dirty war in the PP (dossiers and papers that could come out against him, to try to muddy his project and his candidacy). Perhaps these days, discovering how they spend it in Genoa to annihilate the competition, he will have thought: “I did well! & rdquor ;.

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Feijóo has recovered these days a leading role in Madrid that he had lost in favor of Ayuso. While others stood in profile, he decided to go on stage and speak. He has emerged as the spokesman for the part of the party, which is not Casado’s, nor is it Ayuso’s. How big is that part?

No one dares, seeing that neither Casado nor Ayuso backed down yesterday, to glimpse a solution to this crisis, but Feijóo already appears as one of the protagonists of the outcome.

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