Feijóo calls to protect Andalusia from the “broken” Government and populism

  • The leader of the PP asks the Andalusians not to interrupt “the path of success” and don’t go back to past timeswho “have not brought anything good to this earth”

The president of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, asked the Andalusians not to rely on the polls and to go “bravely” to the polls next Sunday to protect Andalusia from the “political fragmentation, populism” and “the lack of confidence” that a “broken and divided” government transfers.

“No matter the matter of relevance or the urgency of the matter to prove that this government is brokenand that it is divided and that it is a specialist in arguing with each other and not in bringing solutions for all”, said the leader of the PP during his speech at a rally in Cádiz. A rally in which the general coordinator of the PP, Elijah Bendodo; the number one candidate for Cádiz, Ana Mestreand also the president of the provincial PP, Bruno Garcia Leon.

Feijóo addressed the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, asking him to tell his ministers “not to prove their differences in public” and “not because we are campaigning”, as he has pointed out, “but because Spain he doesn’t deserve this carnival And it is that, according to his words, the chronicle of the week of the Government is “the division” and the “disagreement,” and in Congress, in addition, he recalled, the two parties that form it vote differently and also show conflicting positions on foreign policy or pensions.

Sánchez’s is “the most expensive Executive in history” and the one who, he said, uses the decree laws the most, violates the transparency law the most or the one who gives the most setbacks to the TC

How do you hide that reality?? Changing conversations”, answered Feijóo himself, who believes that members of the Government like to boast “of being the most feminist, social or environmentalists” when they are “the most expensive executive in history“and the one who, as he pointed out, uses the decree laws the most, the most violates the transparency law or the one who receives the most setbacks from the TC.

“Minority Blackmail”

“Fragmentation makes governance difficult and encourages blackmail of minorities. Spain cannot be managed by those who do not believe in Spain,” continued the president of the popular party, who asked to consolidate the PP vote in Andalusia “now that we are beginning to wake up and compete.”

The leader of the popular ones emphasizes that each vote counts and that it is not the same to obtain 45 deputies than 55, those who grant the absolute majority

Feijóo urged the Andalusians to do not interrupt “the path of success” and that they do not return to past times, which, as he said, “have not brought anything good to this earth.” This government, that of Juanma Moreno, solved, according to the popular leader, “more in three years than in three decades” socialists.

For this reason, he insisted on asking for the vote without taking anything for granted and without paying attention to the polls. “Every vote counts,” she insisted, “and every vote can decide the last deputy in each of the eight provinces & rdquor ;, he pointed out, while underlining the difference that there would be between 45 deputies and the 55 that give the absolute majority.

Distrust in Sánchez

He called on his voters to even ask for the vote “with trust” to the Socialists because, he continued, “we are facing a historic opportunity to pursue a project of progress” and also, because in his opinion, “we must not relax” because, in his words, if they hope to win, “it would be the double disappointment.

Voting for Moreno means betting on who opens doors, points out, “to everyone” and governs “for everyone”

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Voting for Moreno would be, in his opinion, voting for a “radically different model”, “clear, transparent and that does not go against anyone”, opening doors “everyone and ruling for everyone“, and that it is not based on instability and institutional discredit.

For Feijoo, no one trusts the government’s forecasts anymorenor in his authority, among other things, because of his lack of respect for the institutions and the mistrust it generates inside and outside the country.

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