Feds to Deliver Three-Part Military Sexual Misconduct Apology

A date has been set for the government to deliver its promised apology to victims of sexual misconduct by the military.

The Department of National Defense announced Monday that the apology will be delivered on December 13 and will be divided into three parts.

Defense Minister Anita Anand will apologize on behalf of the government, Defense Chief of Staff Gen. Wayne Eyre will do the same for the military and Jody Thomas, Deputy Minister of National Defense, will speak on behalf of the department.

While officials previously said they were looking forward to an in-person event, the Defense Department says the apology will be delivered virtually and streamed online.

The apology was first promised in 2019 as part of a $ 600 million settlement agreement with current and former service members in various class action lawsuits.

The government had faced calls from the Royal Canadian Legion and others to deliver apologies before the 18-month deadline for victims to submit their claims as part of the settlement closed last week.

Nearly 19,000 claims were filed before the claims period ended last Wednesday, and more than 5,000 have already been approved for payment. Another 4,000 have also requested to participate in a “restorative engagement.”

“We know that our collective failure to build an inclusive work culture free of these unacceptable behaviors has hurt our people,” Anand, Eyre and Thomas said in a joint statement.

“As part of our efforts to restore relationships with those harmed, we will offer a public apology to all current and former members of the advocacy team who have been affected by sexual assault and sexual misconduct, including harassment and discrimination.”

This Canadian Press report was first published on November 29, 2021.


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