Federal government “will not charge a penny” for NOM-236 procedures

Recognizing that President Andrés Manuel López Obrador “pulled our ears” for publishing NOM-236 on the mechanical physical verification of 4-year-old cars, without his consent, the Secretary of Economy, Tatiana Clouthierregretted that there is a misunderstanding about the regulation and clarified that the federal government “will not charge a penny” nor will additional procedures be required.

He explained that the objective of NOM-236 only seeks to save lives, so what is proposed is the revision of vehicles with more than 4 years old, as part of avoiding accidents, but it only deserved “a slap on the wrist” , by the head of federal executive.

“Not in vain did they pull our ears as to why we want to collect, which is not… The issue is wrong, it is not us who would be collecting,” she clarified, but rather the entities in charge of verifying the cars, the official said at a conference virtual press.

Last Monday, the president AMLO he stopped the process of the new mechanical verification that would be added to the environmental one, because there would be extra costs for the population, he even commented that he was not aware of the regulation.

“We are going to review it, I did not know, now we are trying to consult everything that harms the popular economy, but we have to sensitize the public servers because they say, that’s the norm. And the people? It doesn’t count, when it’s the main thing. So, that is going to be reviewed, we are not going to be bagging people, ”she said during the morning.

With the new verification ─which would eventually come into operation next November─ the owner of a car would have to pay between 800 and 1,000 pesos a year to comply with the environmental requirements ─which is already carried out─, plus the maintenance of their vehicle, which It implies the purchase and change of spare parts, so that it passes the aforementioned verification.

Jesús Cantú, head of the Regulatory, Competitiveness and Competition Unit of the Ministry of Economy, commented that NOM-236 has not entered into force, so the route to follow will be analyzed, after there are two precise instructions from the President López Obrador, “one is that no new procedure is carried out, the citizen is not forced to carry out an additional action, and second, that it costs absolutely nothing for the citizen.”

The director added: “the great objective of the rule was to save lives, save injuries, save economic costs for all the accidents that happen, approximately 7% of car accidents that happen in Mexico are due to mechanical failures.”


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