Federal elections every two years?

I briefly followed the 2021 federal election campaign. I took a daily look in the media like many of you. I also watched a good part of the debate in French of September 8.

During this thirty days of campaigning, I had the impression of attending the same film as in the 2019 election, but this time with even more weariness, even pointlessness. Lack of substance, lack of scope, lack of vision on the part of party leaders. All without surprises, all with improbable promises and which brought out their endless cassettes. Even the polls will have been a near carbon copy of those of 2019.

There is no denying this, this Canadian federal campaign will not make history. But maybe if, since it will become the most expensive – pandemic obliges -, it should be specified. It is estimated at more than 600 million, but who knows if it will not be close to the billion finally.

And the big question – oh! what great suspense – a few days (hours) before the poll: will Canadians vote for a Conservative minority government or a Liberal minority government? Yes, still in the minority. Thus, we will still have the great privilege of having another election imposed on us in two years. Yes, yes, again! Is it becoming the new normal?

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