Federal election results start to leak as polls close in Atlantic Canada – CityNews Toronto

Polls have closed in Newfoundland and Labrador, leading to what is expected to be a more exciting finale to the federal election campaign.

There are seven seats up for grabs in the province. The Liberals celebrated six of them and the NDP one for the 36-day campaign.

Liberal candidates are leading in four of seven seats as the first results roll in, but the parties are keeping a close eye on St. John’s East and Bonavista-Burin-Trinity.

The NDP has its only Atlantic Canadian seat in downtown St. John’s East, but Jack Harris, who won the Liberals comeback in 2019, will not be performing again.

The party hopes that union leader Mary Shortall will be chosen as her replacement.

Meanwhile, liberal incumbent Churence Rogers at Bonavista-Burin-Trinity has an early lead over conservative Sharon.

Rogers had Chrystia Freeland, the country’s Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister, campaigning for him last weekend.

With polls suggesting a tie between Liberals and Conservatives, neither of them within reach of the majority, each of the country’s 338 constituencies will matter.

Trudeau cut the plug on his minority liberal government on August 15, just under two years after Canadians first reduced Liberals to a minority.

He argued that Canada was at a pivotal moment in history and Canadians deserved the opportunity to decide how they wanted to end the fight against COVID-19 and rebuild the shattered economy.

But the timing of his election call, which came as a fourth wave of the coronavirus began to sweep across the country, quickly undermined the goodwill Trudeau had accumulated among Canadians for his government’s handling of the pandemic over the 18 months. previous.

And it gave rival leaders an opportunity to attack Trudeau’s character, describing him as a selfish selfish man who cannot be trusted to put the interests of Canadians before his personal ambition to secure a majority.


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