Ibai Llanos looks like a ‘crack’ to me. Maybe that’s why it’s so successful… and there are so many people wanting to herd him. The operation of the friend -and partner of him- Gerard Piqué with Luis Rubiales in Saudi Arabia has put the latter to the test, although he has weathered the sticks without too much trouble. He has even made it clear that he would never have lent himself to a gossip like Geri and Rubi’s. What she no longer handles with such joy is being called fat to hurt her. Yes, because there are disgusting guys who are dedicated to scolding the networks at famous people who are overweight kilos. It is striking that the dictionary does not yet include the word ‘fatphobia’ nor is the scientific term validated, but it is a reality: there are fat haters. And fat.

The other afternoon they got together on the radio Tania Llasera, Mara Jimenez and Gabriel Rufian. Tania was crucified years ago when she stopped being “solid normative & rdquor ;, according to her own expression, and showed a more voluminous silhouette on television; since then she goes to therapy, although she believes that the patient is society. Mara, who is now with the play ‘Gordas’ in Madrid, was told as a child that if she didn’t lose weight no one would love her and she spent more than a decade fighting against herself. She today rides her traumas on the back of activism tinged with humor and she also resorts to therapy. And to Gabriel Rufián, who when he landed in Madrid put on a bit of a barrel due to anxiety and the crazy schedules of politics, they continue to send him daily messages of “gobblers!”, although he does not like sweets and looks palm. “It’s very screwed & rdquor ;, the three admitted, “It affects mental health because they judge you without being able to defend yourself & rdquor ;.

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I have advice for them -and for many victims of haters- in the form of verses, of a poem by Benjamin Prado which is titled, precisely, ‘Haters’:

“You should never waste time answering them,

Because fighting with them makes you one of them

Everyone who looks in a broken mirror

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sees the same scar on his face & rdquor;

Ibai, who uses less lyrical language, would add that they are official assholes. And the truth is that they are: in poetry and in prose.

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