The virtual reality Little by little it has been gaining ground. It was in 1992 when the American science fiction writer, Neal Stephenson, coined the concept “metaverso”, in his novel “Snow Crash”, in which he speaks of a compatible and convergent virtual space to the physical reality.

At the end of last 2021, the word metaverse began to sound intensely in each and every one of the corners of Facebook e Instagram and, as a trend, more than once it has been present in Twitter. This virtual reality already has various industries inside: the mundo fashion is never far behind and this 2022 will present for the first time digital gateways in this 3D universe.

The fashion Week in the metaverse will take place from March 24 to 27 at Decentraland, a virtual reality platform used for gaming that is built on top of the blockchain from Ethereum.

In this week, we will find catwalks, exhibitions, pop-up stores, parties and immersive experiences. The fashion week in the metaverse is hosted by the company

UNDX, together with experts from the fashion industry who worked on physical events.

The haute couture brands that have raised their hands as pioneers to be part of the metaverse have been: Adidas Original, Balenciaga, in collaboration with the video game Fortnite, Dolce & Gabbana, Ralph Lauren Y Louis Vuitton. UNDX was the one who made possible these releases and experiences that can still be called new.

These events, which seem to belong to a futuristic world, were born with the purpose of interfering with the physical world with digital, as well as a new market opportunity for the fashion industry in this field.

to this week of fashion in the metaverse you can attend with an exclusive invitation that will be launched through Decentraland and on this platform you can also buy clothes, accessories and go to the cocktails and parties of this Fashion Week. The form of payment in case of acquiring any garment or accessory is in NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens).

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The future is now!

Before the coronavirus pandemic, at the beginning of 2019, 40% of luxury sales were focused on the buy clothes by tourists, this figure is the one shown by the sales of the great fashion capitals, which are: Paris, London, New York and Milan, according to The State Of  Fashion Report 2021 from Mckinsey y BOF. With the Covid-19, sales have been half or below what used to be sold.

People are no longer going out, but they are connecting and, in contrast to physical purchases, site sales are on the rise.

Surely it has happened to them that they have gone to a square and they do not find something that satisfies their eyes as before. Now online shopping has more and better things and with the ease of reaching your doorstep.

Virtual reality is relatively easy to understand. The video game they always bring us closer to one digital life: we create our characters, we become super heroes and we even create our house and families, as the game of Go Sims,— allows you to form your home, family, have a job and even vices—.

That to buy digital clothes It is no longer a thing of the future, we are living it and little by little brands will be added, such as fast fashion firms: Zara Y H & M. These two brands have made clothing that can be worn digitally and physically. Who would say, working to dress digitally?…

fashion in the metaverse

Starting in this universe is something to be curious and with two simple steps you are inside.

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The first point is to connect from a computer and download an extension that you will find by typing the word “Meta Mask” through your browser, either Google, Firefox The Safari. This will be embedded in your browser and serves to enable your digital wallet, which will give you the benefit of shopping during fashion week or even other occasions.

Once the wallet is enabled or wallet, you have to create your user in Decentraland. In the same way, through your browser you access Decentraland and there you will be able to experiment with many more users, you will search for the community of your choice, you will be able to personalize your profile and you will have the opportunity to chat and attend endless events that are happening within of the metaverse.

It is possible to browse without the digital wallet, but to have the full experience and be able to make purchases, it is recommended to have an active wallet. Digital spaces are safe and you can put padlocks on your navigation to have more “digital financial” security.

The fashion weeks always present clothes from the season that is about to enter, it is celebrated twice a year and these weeks go around the world. On this occasion, the great unknown will be to know what the brands of the fashion industry will present us, remembering that they promise to be able to make purchases through the metaverse for the real and virtual world.

The metaverse is a digital universe with a multisensory experience that has penetrated society with great force due to the need to live together. We are with healthy distance, the Omicron It is the order of the day and the world does not stop and is not going to stop… What do we have left?… Connect us!

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