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The “grandfather” style, trend of 2024

This is the trend that is emerging at the start of 2024, according to Pinterest predictions: the “Eclectic Grandpa” style. “Grandpa” style means wearing pieces that are reminiscent of… your grandfather’s wardrobe! There are beautiful wool cardigans, sleeveless cardigans, colorful knitwear, large checked jackets, corduroy pants, moccasins, polo shirts, baseball caps and even beautiful, very classic dial watches. We obviously mix all of this with more modern pieces to create this style that young people love. A style vintage which is very ecological, since we recycle pieces that we find in thrift stores or even in our grandfather’s closet… or our father’s. These clothes, like patterned knit sweaters or tweed jackets, have stood the test of time and were therefore of high quality, which can make us think about our future purchases. As for the size, if it’s a little large, we make do with it, because cardigans and jackets are worn too big anyway. , then it will be perfect! Harry Styles and Gigi Hadid have already adopted the grandpa look, so it’s definitely the trend at the start of the year.

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