Farewell to arms?

Do not look in these lines for a single concession to pacifism. There isn’t. Vladimir Putin is he warlord and only understands that language. The rest is banal, pure talk to think that we can stop a carnage with sanctions and good words, while leaving the population of Ukraine in criminal hands. Since he came to power, Putin It has not stopped expanding its control over territories that it considers its own, through the use of force. Chechnya was the first. emulating Stalin,Putin it has managed to maintain that Caucasian region like a satellite, subjugating the entire population. Georgia followed, just eight years later. The invasion of Russian troops then followed a pattern very similar to the one now applied in Ukraine. He supported supposedly separatist regions in Ossetia and Abkhazia, with the aim of weakening the sovereign government in Georgia, aborting the dream of joining the EU and cutting off a part of its territory with satellite governments.

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