FAPE accuses TV3 of harming the “dignity” of a journalist for ideological reasons

  • The federation of informant associations maintains that the chain has violated the Code of Ethics

The Arbitration, Complaints and Ethics Commission of Journalism, internal ethical self-control body of the journalistic profession, of the Federation of Associations of Journalists of Spain (FAPE), considers that the TV3 news direction has violated the Code of Ethics, by harming the “professional dignity” of the journalist Santiago Torres, according to the resolution. The opinion maintains that this reporter, with an extensive career on the ’30 minuts’ program, suffered “the obvious postponement” of routine tasks “due to ideological reasons” and “for not following the political slogans” of those responsible for public television. A spokesman for TV3 declined to comment because the matter is judicialized.

This Friday a labor trial is scheduled to be held in Barcelona in which it will be determined whether Torres has the right to terminate his contract at his own request and receive compensation based on the invocation of the conscience clause, after, he underlines, “the process of workplace harassment & rdquor; and “degrading” treatment. suffered and the “substantial” change in the “ideological line” of the chain, which denies the accusations. Parallel to the legal actions, the reporter sent a letter to the FAPE for the opening of a ethical file the directors of the Catalan chain, alluding to the fact that he was prevented from carrying out the work of informant and “by ideological bias“from TV3.

The federation of journalists resolves that the news direction has violated section D of the Code of Ethics of Catalan television, which certifies the right of reporters to “invoke the clause of conscience, when the medium on which it depends seeks a moral attitude that harms their professional dignity or substantially modify the editorial line”. The FAPE resolution emphasizes that the conscience clause “is based on the transcendence of the right to inform as the basis of a free public opinion that comes from the democratic game”, regardless of whether the regulation is ” closely linked” to the field of labor law.

He is not a “mercenary”

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The professional clause, he recalls, is a “constitutionalized right” that helps determine the nature of the profession and “its character of public service”, and “must be protected against external or internal interference and manipulation”. “The journalist has rights and duties that go beyond the unquestionable discipline of his employer” and, therefore, is not a “mercenary subjected to publisher’s unilateral dictation“, emphasizes the report. According to FAPE, “a good editor” knows and “understands” that the independence of the journalists he employs “constitutes one of the most important assets to obtain credibility.”

The federation assures that Torres’ postponement of “basic tasks” that “undervalue his professional abilities”, in addition to being “rejectable as perverse”, is “more pernicious for its chilling effect the rest of the network’s journalists who perceive how their professional careers could be harmed if they don’t submit to the ideological indications of their bosses.” In FAPE’s opinion, Torres’ transfer “means a punishment for ideological reasons“. The report details that TV-3 has aligned “with the partisan thesis of the independentistas“, which “implies a modification, or at least a sharpening, of the media’s editorial line” that “exceeds the legal mandate of its creation and operation.”

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