Families demand the repatriation of their children from Syria before European justice

They were in their twenties when they took their children to Syria to join the jihadists. Today two couples demand the repatriation of their daughters and their grandchildren, held in camps in Syria.

The European Court of Human Rights has started examining the petitions of these desperate grandparents.

All remedies having been exhausted in France, the ECHR will rule in several months.

“The one who makes her children suffer today is France, this is my country because she refuses to repatriate them. France exposes her children to inhuman and degrading treatment, regrets Marie Dosé, lawyer for families seeking to repatriate theirs, detained in Syria. It is because she refuses to repatriate them that they suffer from this inhuman and degrading treatment, she chooses the children she repatriates, she therefore chooses to leave others exposed to the worst. “

Retired at 66, this father could not do anything to prevent his daughter from leaving. These grandparents also feel victims of Daesh:

“I have four children. My daughter left, she was 26 years old, she no longer lived at home, I saw her twice a year. It happens like that! For whom? Why? We have no explanation, nothing ! “

The French Foreign Ministry says it does not exercise control over French nationals in Syria, nor over the camps where these women are detained, and therefore cannot be held responsible for any human rights violations. .

According to the British NGO Save The Children 62 children have died since the beginning of the year in the Al-Hol and Roj camps due to unsustainable living conditions. These camps are said to house 40,000 children.


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