Falcao, a unicorn in Vallecas

Paquito, who has already lived through more than 70 winters, in Vallecas starts his round at the Líder ‘, a small bar located behind the back of the stadium. Vallecano Ray that occupy the Bukaneros. In full Albufera Avenue. What an atmosphere, Emilio. There is a trailer of people on the street Fofó Clown to buy tickets, to see if you are going to win and everything at Barça, release with retranca when entering. Emilio, who has run the bar for a long time, comes upstairs: We are fine and they are regular. We also have Falcao! Three Rayo scarves justify the use of the first person plural by this Ecuadorian who has detected many Colombian shirts and flags since we signed Falcao. Vallecas it’s coffee maker !. And the entire clientele laughs loudly.

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