Chilean retailer Falabella will invest 711 million dollars this year to strengthen its unified sales platform for the different items it sells, improve e-commerce logistics and expand the network of physical stores.

The group, which operates in the supermarkets, department stores, home improvement and financial sectors, will allocate 60% of the investment to launch of the platform in Peru and Colombia as well as to increase the capacity of distribution centers, expand payment processing systems and digital banking.

“We continue to advance in our path of digital transformation, we want to consolidate as the leading e-commerce platform in the Andean region”, said the general manager of the firm, Gastón Bottazzini.

Although the retail sector at the physical store level was hit hard by quarantines and other restrictions imposed against Covid-19, firms in the sector have also seen a strong increase in their digital channels.

Even so, the remaining investment will go to physical stores, especially the development of IKEA in Chile and Colombia, the development of the home improvement area in Mexico and Brazil and the expansion of the Tottus supermarket in Peru.

The investment plan includes 19 store openings in the region this year.

The Santiago-based firm has operations in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru and Uruguay. The unified sales platform, announced last April, was launched in August.

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