Faced with the Taliban government, European diplomats raise their voices

Afghanistan still at the heart of the agendas of those involved in diplomacy. Jean-Yves Le Drian went to Doha to examine how to continue the evacuations to France.European diplomacy stepped up its pressure on the new Taliban government on Monday in Afghanistan and increased its criticism of its initial political measures.

The response we have seen from Kabul so far falls short of our expectations. We were thinking of an inclusive government. This is not the case. There have been declarations, there have been no acts yet. “, explains Jean-Yves Le Drian.

Human rights violated

His German counterpart does not mince his words either. He promises to step up aid to Afghanistan only if human rights are respected : “We demand that the Taliban respect basic human rights, in particular the rights of women and minorities. It will be a reference for us and our partners in determining our future engagement with a new Afghan government, including for possible development ”.

Also on Monday, United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet said her office had received credible allegations of retaliatory killings by the Taliban, and arbitrary detentions of some officials who worked for previous administrations.

« Retaliatory killings and other human rights abuses must be punished immediately, including for those who order and direct such attacks ”Says Michelle Bachelet.

Despite their well-orchestrated communication, the Taliban are singled out by European diplomats for the inconsistency between their statements and their concrete actions.


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