The Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare and the Federal Center for Labor Conciliation and Registration reported that due to the irregularities in the sectional election process of the Oil Union, which must be verified, it is possible that the “taking note” of the leaders will be denied, who would have to reestablish the election process in the sections in which they are violated workers’ rights.

In a joint statement, the labor authorities reported that if the rights were violated at the time of electing their directors, freely and secretly, “no note of this process will be issued.”

Based on the labor reform, they indicated, “the elections must be held under the principle of personal, free, secret and direct vote of the workers; if not, the authority has made complaint mechanisms available to protect their right to elect their leaders through democratic means ”.

The resolution of the same will be done in full compliance with the law, while the platform will remain open throughout the sectional elective process to receive these complaints and, where appropriate, the photographic, video or documentary material that supports them; Therefore, those who feel their rights have been violated are summoned to submit them to the email [email protected]

They reiterated that “in the exercise of their freedom, the workers of the STPRM are the ones who will decide the leaders who will lead them in each of its sections. The federal labor authorities do not add or remove leaders, as happened in the past ”.

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