Extraordinary election starts in the municipality of General Zuazua

Monterrey, NL. The General Council of the State Electoral Commission of Nuevo León was installed permanently, on the occasion of the electoral journey of the extraordinary election to be held in the municipality of General Zuazua, where 81 polls will be opened and around 46,719 voters will participate, informed the provisional president counselor of the CEENL, Luigui Villegas Alarcon.

“81 polls will be installed so that 46,179 citizens of the municipality of General Zuazua come from 8:00 in the morning and until 6:00 in the afternoon to exercise their right to vote, there they will find citizens committed to democracy ”, he stressed.

The Municipal Commission of Zuazua was installed at 7:07 am, with the presence of the representatives of the parties National Action (PAN), New Alliance and Solidarity Meeting (PES).

In the session of the General Council of the EEC, it was decided to carry out a random sample of polls, to verify the security measures in the electoral documentation and indelible liquid to be used in the elections. boards of directors from extraordinary choice. Four of them will be verified.


For its part, Gilberto de Hoyos Koloffon, holder of the Specialized Prosecutor for Electoral CrimesHe commented that patrols and visits to the polls have been carried out, we have seen that there are people participating, the commitment of the Prosecutor’s Office is to protect the election and that citizens can vote safely and secretly.

“Earlier today two people were arrested in response to a report that was received at the FAITH for an alleged purchase of votes, these people have already been arrested, a man and a woman, we are investigating the facts ”.

They found lists of names and the report said it was by buying votes, in the Real de Palmas neighborhood, which has more than 40 polling stations, however, they are focusing on all the areas where there are polls.

“We have received 14 complaints and 20 reports, the fact that we have carried out this deployment of the FEDE and Civil Force In the municipality, it has been to inhibit electoral crimes, this election is the result of the fact that the election of June 6 was annulled, where the jurisdictional authorities determined that in this election electoral crimes were committed, the election is annulled and that is why he is repeating ”, highlighted Gilberto de Hoyos Koloffon.


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