Express entry: IRCC invites candidates for the last draw of all programs

Canada Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship (IRCC) has issued invitations to apply (ITA) in the last Express Entry draw.

The department invited 1,490 candidates in a general lottery from all programs.

Candidates required a minimum Comprehensive classification system (CRS) score of 535.

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IRCC has conducted five draws so far in 2024. The first was on January 10 and invited 1,510 candidates with a minimum CRS of 546 in a general draw.

The next two ties were also general. On January 23, the department invited 1,040 candidates with a minimum CRS of 543 and 730 candidates with a minimum score of 541 on January 31.

The largest draw of the year so far took place on February 1, inviting 7,000 candidates to a category-based selection draw for French-fluent Express Entry candidates.

Summary of Express Entry lottery results in 2024

New language test accepted for Express Entry programs

Starting January 30, IRCC accepts the Pearson Basic English Test (PTE) for all immigration streams except Student Direct Transmission.

This means that Express Entry candidates have another option for English language testing when they upload their profile to the IRCC website.

Candidates must obtain a minimum Canadian language landmark (CLB) which differs depending on the managed Express Entry program they are applying to. The CLB is how the IRCC assesses a candidate’s language ability in four categories: reading, speaking, listening and writing.

For example, candidates who apply through the Federal Skilled Worker Program You must obtain a minimum CLB of 7 in all categories.

candidates in the Canadian Experience Class (CEC) also require a score of 7 if your occupation falls into a National Occupation Classification TEER category of 0 or 1. CEC candidates with an occupation that falls into the NOC TEER category of 2 or 3 must obtain a CLB 5 score.

Federal Skilled Trades Program Candidates need a minimum CLB level of 5 for speaking and listening, and at least level 4 for reading and writing.

The PTE is the third option for Express Entry candidates to submit their English language test results to IRCC. The department announced it had been approved last year. Candidates can also take the CELPIP General or IELTS General Training to obtain their CLB score in English.

What is Express Entry?

Express Entry is an application management system that oversees three economic immigration programs for skilled workers: the Federal Skilled Worker Programhe Canadian Experience Class and the Federal Skilled Trades Program.

These programs use the Comprehensive classification system evaluate candidates based on their human capital factors, such as language ability, work experience, occupation, education and age. Each factor is assigned a score, the scores are added together, and the result is the candidate’s overall CRS score.

Once a candidate earns a CRS score, they are entered into the Express Entry application pool and ranked against other candidates. Candidates with the highest CRS scores are more likely to receive an invitation in an upcoming Express Entry drawing.

In addition to the three Express Entry programs, in May 2023 IRCC introduced category-based rounds of selection invitations. The department created six new categories targeting specific attributes of human capital. One category is for candidates who can demonstrate proficiency in the French language. The remaining five categories are based on occupation to:

  • Health occupations
  • Science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) professions
  • Trade occupations, such as carpenters, plumbers, and contractors.
  • Transportation occupations
  • Agricultural and agri-food occupations

Candidates must be eligible for an Express Entry program and have an application in the pool through one of the three programs to be considered for category-based selection.

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