Exports from Nuevo León leave the Covid-19 pandemic behind

Monterey, NL. Exports from Nuevo León in the month of April, added 48,163 million dollarswhat represents an increase of 14.67%compared to January 2019, prior to the pandemic, according to data from the state Ministry of Economy.

At annual figures, exports from Nuevo León reached 48.163 million dollars, a record figure for the state, considering that in April 2021 sales abroad reached 39.060 million dollars, according to data from the Tax Administration Service (SAT) federal.

The State Secretary of Economy, Ivan Rivas Rodriguezsaid that the increase in exports means that the business sector has been strengthened and that there is full confidence to continue investing in Nuevo León.

In April exports, the growth of the machinery and equipment manufacturing sectors stands out with 27.9%, metal products with 66.4% and electrical equipment with 49.8 percent.

Rivas Rodríguez, explained that despite the fact that the automotive sector has faced problems in its supply chain due to lack of components, exports in this sector reached 13,774 million dollars at an annual rate, which represents a growth of 10.8%with respect to the month of April of last year and a participation of 28.6% in state exports.

Regarding the appliance sector, he stated that this is the only important item that has registered a decrease, due to the decrease in demand in the United States, after a notable growth in the 2020-2021 period, due to confinement.

The Secretary of Economy added that Nuevo León’s exports have had a favorable performance thanks to the competitive advantage of the state to be a supplier of inputs and finished products close to our neighbor to the north, given the restrictions and limitations that the chains have had. supply from Asia in the last two years.

The official commented that this situation is expected to continue to favor Nuevo León, despite a slowdown in the US economy, since the new investments that are coming to the entity are planned for the long term.

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