Explosion in Barcelona’s Eixample: “You could see it coming”, say the neighbors due to the strange behavior of the owner of the bar

He had been in charge of the Champi bar for less than a year, the premises at calle de Valencia, 73, where last morning there was a huge explosion that caused four injuries -one in serious condition, two less serious and one slight- and which caused commotion in the streets near the Eixample for the dimension of the event. The serious person is the owner of the establishment, a woman of Chinese origin of about 35 years who everyone calls Frida. Her strange attitude had raised suspicions among her neighbors, due to the evident feeling that she could be affected by mental health problems.

“Something like this could be seen coming,” María José, one of the neighbors, explained this morning. And she had that concern because a couple of weeks ago Frida went out to the terrace of the bar and began to paper with newspapers impregnated in a bowl of oil the walls of the premises. She had threatened to burn it. The neighbors were scared and called the Urban Guard. The agents showed up and were able to contain the situation caused by Frida. “What has to happen for you to do something?” Joaquín, the neighbor who lives above the bar, told them that he had to leave in a hurry, with his family, towards the roof after the explosion. “Let’s not do anything else,” the agents replied.

This event was the culmination of a behavior that nobody understood. Because, in addition, he had dedicated himself to driving customers away from his premises since he took charge of it. She or she said they felt persecuted and threatened by a drug trafficking organization. She did it with a megaphone in the street mixing words in Spanish and Chinese, and also with some writing on some sheets of paper on the bar’s facade. In those papers she denounced that she had expelled those who consumed and sold drugs in the establishment. “I have a bad language, not a bad brain,” she wrote. On another occasion she came to crash crystal glasses on the sidewalk inexplicably. She was, in short, a very conflictive woman and had been denounced on several occasions by her neighbors.

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