Exorcisms in Morena

It was barely a triennium. Sergio and Julio César Carmona Angulo, specialized in motor transport, approached Morena’s candidates for municipalities and deputies of Tamaulipas, since the 2018 elections.

Willing to invest in a new local political class, but above all in fighting the PAN government of Francisco Javier García Cabeza de Vaca, the businessmen – originally from Reynosa – had a fleet of armored SUVs that they offered to the candidates. No compromises. In good faith?

Lalo Gattas, mayor of Ciudad Victoria, and federal deputy Erasmo González, from Ciudad Madero, are among the Morenoites who used these units and also private aircraft -among them a Hawker 400 registration XA-ETP-, as did the senator. Américo Villarreal and the former national president of the party, Yeidckol Polevnsky Gurwitz. His presence in recent celebrations of the Carmona family in San Pedro Garza García is also confirmed.

The assassination of Sergio Carmona – which occurred 10 days ago – shook the Morenoist leadership of Nuevo León and Tamaulipas, where the internal process to define the candidate for governor is underway. The leader of the local Congress, Armando Zertuche, publicly demanded that the relations of the candidates for the nomination with the controversial businessmen be clarified.

Maki Ortiz, former mayor of Reynosa and former PAN senator, had even earlier asked to be kept out of any suspicions. His son, Carlos Víctor Peña, ran for mayor of that border city and has been ruling it for three months.

“In no way has a servant or family member received any financial or in-kind support from the Carmona businessmen,” Ortiz said in a letter sent to this space, where local versions of the matter were echoed. “Throughout the 20 years that I have served Mexico and the people of Tamaulipas, I have always conducted myself in an honest and transparent manner and in no way will I accept that you associate me with illicit acts.”

Camerino Eleazar Márquez, former representative of the PRD before the INE, presented a complaint of facts to the FGR so that the ministerial authority demarcated the ties of the Morenoite officials with alleged members of criminal organizations, including the Carmona brothers.

Senator Villarreal and Maki Ortiz are at the forefront of the polls that – commissioned by the Morena leadership in Tamaulipas – will be made available to the National Elections Commission. The mayor of Ciudad Madero, Adrián Oseguera Kernión, and the state coordinator of federal programs, Rodolfo González Valderrama, appeared immediately, who along with former federal deputy Olga Patricia Sosa, was proposed by the national councilors for the auscultation.

Last weekend, the delegate of Morena’s CEN in the entity, Ernesto Palacios, met in Ciudad Victoria with the candidates to confirm that this Tuesday 30 will validate the sextets that will be subjected to the evaluation process, prior to the appointment of the candidates. candidates. To complete the list —by gender parity— Senator Lupita Covarrubias would be included.

The representatives of Mario Delgado in the six entities where the candidates will be defined by surveys, have given certainty to the applicants, who with their own measurements claim to be included in the measurements.

In Quintana Roo, the expansion of the list would open space to Rafael Marín Mollinedo, current head of the Interoceanic Corridor. In Oaxaca, the former director of the ISSSTE, Luis Antonio Ramírez, and in Hidalgo, Senator Julio Menchaca.

The measurements that are currently circulating are overwhelming: Senators José Ramón Enríquez, in Durango, and Susana Harp, in Oaxaca, are the most competitive. The considerations of the Elections Commission and, above all, the approval of the National Palace are pending.

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