Exemplary sentence demanded for the ex-masso aggressor

The crown has called for a severe “exemplary” sentence of seven years in prison for a remorseless ex-massage therapist who sexually assaulted more than twenty women, including a minor.

“A woman in 2022 should be able to go see a health professional without fearing for her physical integrity, and she should be confident that if she finds herself in the hands of a Jean-François Morrison, that justice will not let her fall, “said Crown prosecutor Stéphanie Gilbert today at the Saint-Jérôme courthouse.

Former massage therapist Jean-François Morrison, 41, remained unmoved by the testimony of nearly a dozen of his former patients, who came to recount the impact of his assaults in court.

“I am filled with fear and anxiety just thinking about going to any professional service that needs to affect any part of my body. […] I distrust everyone I meet. Just going to someone I don’t know, gotta keep my hand on the doorknob, be ready to go out,” said a woman in her 30s.

like objects

Recall that Morrison was found guilty last February of having sexually assaulted 21 women, including a minor, between 2015 and 2018. In the majority of cases, these were his patients.

“He used his title for bad purposes. He puts his profession to shame,” pointed out another victim, in his 20s, looking directly at him.

The assaults only stopped with his arrest, the last one having taken place three days before he was handcuffed, Ms.and Gilbert.

“The degree of responsibility of gentleman is complete. He used these women as objects for his personal gratification. No one deserves to go through what they went through,” added the prosecutor.

Given the lack of remorse and the seriousness of his actions, the Crown called for a severe sentence of seven years in prison, to send a “clear and unequivocal” message of deterrence.

For its part, the defense asked for a sentence of four years in prison, which takes into account the “restrictive” conditions with which Morrison had to live in recent years.

Detained on the spot

In a last-ditch attempt to win a few days of freedom, defense lawyer Pierre Gauthier asked the judge to grant a reprieve until the sentence is handed down, citing an inheritance issue that must be settled. in the next few days.

However, he was quickly rebuffed by magistrate Sandra Blanchard, who sent the attacker behind bars to start his sentence while awaiting the decision.

– With Christian Plouffe

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