Executive calls for all schools in the country to be reopened

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador urged the opening of all schools in the country so that all students return to face-to-face classes because it has been shown that to date school re-entry has not triggered the numbers of Covid-19 infections.

“There is no indication of a Covid-19 outbreak, fortunately,” said the president.

During his usual morning press conference from the National Palace, the head of the Federal Executive called on parents of families, teachers, school directors and authorities to “finish sending all students, children, adolescents to schools ”.

All schools must be opened, he urged; “There should be no more closed schools.”

AMLO recalled that “there was a whole campaign” in the sense that, with the opening of schools last August, children would be infected with Covid-19. “It has already been shown that this fortunately did not happen; we can prove it.

“It is important to underline it because it was difficult for us to convince him to return to face-to-face classes; there was a whole campaign against it, misinforming. We have not had, fortunately, contagion problems in schools, “he said.

It cannot be, he explained, that shopping centers are opened, with the establishment of sanitary measures, and not schools.

To prove that Covid-19 infections have not skyrocketed, he showed figures. He reported that from August 1 to October 23, 55,701 cases of coronavirus were registered in the population from zero to 17 years old.

While, he deepened, by age group, of the total of cases the percentage registered was the following: from zero to four years, 1%; from five to 11 years, 3%, and from 12 to 17 years, 6 percent.

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