• John Henry Ramírez would be executed this afternoon
  • The Hispanic prisoner had requested a last will
  • the court was not kind to Ramírez

Execution of John Ramírez canceled. John Henry Ramírez was already aware that his time to render accounts had come, but he only asked one thing as a last will: that at the time of his execution his pastor be present praying for the eternal rest of his soul, while he put his hands on him. above. The Supreme Court heard his petition and although it has not yet decided whether to grant him that last will, the Hispanic prisoner was saved from receiving the lethal injection … at least for this day.


The prisoner John Henry Ramírez did not lose hope that he would be granted that last will and hours before his death, he had presented a petition to the federal Supreme Court to allow him to have his pastor by his side to pray to him and lay his hands. about him at the time of his execution in Texas, for a murder committed in 2004.

Execution canceled John Ramírez: His last will

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On Wednesday Ramírez filed an emergency request with the Supreme Court for the Reverend Dana Moore to pray to him and physically touch him during the execution. The state of Texas and two lower courts had rejected the request of the 37-year-old Hispanic, considering that it goes against the regulations, according to the Efe news agency.

In his last minute request, John Henry Ramírez alleges that since 2016 he has received spiritual advice from Moore, pastor of the Second Baptist Church in Corpus Christi, the convicted murderer’s hometown. The Texas Department of Criminal Justice He had refused to allow the pastor to lay hands on Ramirez during his death and to be able to pray or read the scriptures audibly. Filed Under: John Ramírez Execution Canceled.

Execution canceled John Ramírez: Did you want to delay his execution?

John Henry Ramírez executed: Did you want to delay his execution?
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The inmate’s motion ensures that, if his request is not granted, Moore would be forced to remain in a “small corner” of the room, despite the fact that his “notarized affidavit explains that laying his hands on a dying body and vocalizing prayers during the transition from life to death are intertwined with religious services, ”according to Efe.

And Ramírez assured that his request could not be considered as having the objective of delaying the execution, because he had presented the case of “spiritual advisor” in August 2020, 13 months before the current execution date. In the Hispanic opinion, the rejection of his request would lead him to be executed without the “spiritual advisor guaranteed by the Constitution.” Filed Under: John Ramírez Execution Canceled.

Execution canceled John Ramírez: Why was he executed?

John Henry Ramírez Executed: Why Was He Executed?
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John Henry Ramírez would be the first Hispanic prisoner to be executed in 2021, after executions in Texas were suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic. The Hispanic was sentenced to death for the murder of Pablo Castro, during an assault on a convenience store in 2004, according to the Efe agency.

Ramírez was convicted of the stabbing to death of Pablo Castro, a Corpus Christi convenience store worker, in a robbery in which he only made $ 1.25. His two accomplices, Christina Chávez and Ángela Rodríguez, were arrested in the hours following the assault, but Ramírez managed to flee, although he was finally arrested in Brownsville in February 2008. Filed under: John Ramírez execution canceled.

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Execution canceled John Ramírez: The law is the law

Outsiders are not allowed in the execution chamber
Dana Moore of Corpus Christi Second Baptist Church is John Henry Ramirez’s spiritual advisor. (PHOTO: Second Baptist Church of Corpus Christi)

Only the prisoner, two guards and the doctor who certifies the death enter the execution chamber. The lawsuit by John Henry Ramírez’s team of attorneys was received in the Federal Court of Corpus Christi in Texas on Tuesday, August 10, 2021 and, as of this writing, federal magistrates have not determined whether that legal recourse should be analyzed and which could delay the execution of the Hispanic inmate. Filed Under: John Henry Ramírez Executed.

The lawsuit filed by John Henry Ramírez, through his lawyers, against the TDCJ is based on a 2019 case when inmate Patrick Murphy also sued the prison system after the Supreme Court of Justice ruled in his favor saying that his Buddhist spiritual advisor could accompany him before he died. Ramírez’s execution has already been delayed twice, once in 2017 and once in September 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Filed Under: John Ramírez Execution Canceled.

Three boys were touring Corpus Christi having fun

Three boys were touring Corpus Christi having fun
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The documents of the case, consulted by David dorantes, correspondent of MundoHispánico in Texas, they give an account of the crime for which John Henry Ramírez will be executed and in which his friends Ángela Rodríguez and Christina Chávez also participated. However, the two women only received sentences in a TDCJ prison, as it was Ramírez who planned the entire crime.

At 4:00 p.m. on Monday, June 19, 2004, Pablo Castro, 45, came to work his shift as a cashier at the Times Market store in Corpus Christi, a coastal city in southeastern Texas, across from the waters of the Gulf of Mexico. In Corpus Christi the majority of the population is of Hispanic descent. Filed Under: John Ramírez Execution Canceled.

They wanted to continue the party

They wanted to continue the party
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While Pablo Castro was covering his work shift, a Van-type truck with young John Ramírez and his friends Angela Rodríguez and Christina Chávez drove through Corpus Christi while they drank. At one point, the boy planned to rob people who crossed his path to make money and continue the party, according to the two women.

Lydia Salinas, a woman who also worked with Pablo Castro, testified that the two covered their shift at the Times Market convenience store until midnight and that the two had agreed to take shifts for dinner that day. However, Castro told Salinas that that day he was short of money and only had little more than a dollar in his wallet. Filed Under: John Ramírez Execution Canceled.

Ángela Rodríguez asked permission to enter the bathroom

John Ramírez takes the wallet and escapes from the crime scene

Salinas went out to dinner and when he was outside the Times Market he noticed a van parked and in which were three young Hispanics, a man and two women. Then Salinas returned to the store to return to work. When she had just entered, a Hispanic girl followed her into the store.

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The young woman told the two clerks, Salinas and Castro, if she could “use the facilities” to go to the bathroom. Salinas was struck by the young woman’s phrase because it was not the type of language she normally heard when someone asked her to go to the bathroom. That young woman was Ángela Rodríguez, one of John Ramírez’s companions. Filed Under: John Ramírez Execution Canceled.

Pablo Castro went out to throw out the garbage

They arrest the three responsible

Around midnight that Monday, Pablo Castro and Lydia Salinas began preparing to close the Times Market store and go home to rest. The two employees divided the tasks. Salinas began to count the money from the sales and Castro collected the garbage, to go out to throw it into the container located in a dark back alley.

Pablo Castro left the store with the garbage bags while Lydia Salinas continued counting the money and cleaning her work area, while she waited for her partner to return. When Castro was outside, John Ramírez, Ángela Rodríguez and Christina Chávez got out of the Van and went after the man. Filed Under: John Ramírez Execution Canceled.

They gave him 29 stabs

"Can I use the facilities?"

Pablo Castro could not even defend himself from the attack by John Ramírez, Ángela Rodríguez and Christina Chávez, as they took him by surprise. Between the three young men, they beat their victim and, according to the autopsy, they stabbed him at least 29 times. The author of the stabbing was Ramírez.

After the attack, John Ramírez, Ángela Rodríguez and Christina Chávez took the wallet with the dollar and 25 cents and escaped in the Van in which they had arrived. Inside the store, Lydia Salinas did not realize what had happened to her partner, until several minutes later. Filed Under: John Ramírez Execution Canceled.

Pablo Castro was left bloodied outside the Times Market

Pablo Castro was left bloodied outside the Times Market
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A customer came to the Times Market and told her, completely scared, that a Hispanic man was lying outside next to the garbage cans, injured and bleeding. Lydia Salinas came out and when she saw Pablo Castro she screamed in horror, bent down to see how he was doing, and then returned to the store to call the emergency number.

When the agents of the Corpus Christi Police Department (CCPD) arrived at the scene of the attack and could not do anything to help Pablo Castro. The case was then turned over to agents from the corporation’s Homicide Division, who obtained sharp video images of the Van that arrived at the store. Based on this, the agents were able to identify John Ramírez, Ángela Rodríguez and Christina Chávez as those responsible for the attack and death of Pablo Castro. The two girls were the first to be arrested by agents of the CCPD’s Homicide Division and then they gave them the clue to capture the boy four years later. David Dorantes contributed to this report. Filed Under: John Ramírez Execution Canceled.


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